Steam Summer Sale 2022 and Autumn too!

So, I’m new to this whole Steam Sale thing- I abandoned PC gaming well over a decade ago, and was recently lured back with a Deck. I have questions.

I have a short wishlist of games- less than 10, I think. They’re all on sale at this point. But from the talk, it seems like the might get discounted further? Is there any reason to not just buy them now, rather than next Monday?

While I do think I have seen games further discounted it is more likely they would pull it from the sale after a few days. I have seen that too.

If you want something you may as well buy it now. Although it may come back on sale around the XMas holidays.

Not sure, but I don’t think games are allowed to change their sale prices during a sale anymore?

Usually the Winter sale prices are the lowest, but it’s worth taking a look at price histories for each game on or


That’s my understanding as well. The Steam sales used to have these time-limited promotions during which the discounts were better than during the sale period. This created a lot of anxiety and led to more than a fair share of gamers waiting to pick up games until the sale period was nearly over. I certainly thought it was a ridiculous thing to do for digital sales.

Remember that for every game you buy, you have to add to your wishlist 5 additional games.

A game on sale will not change it’s price during the Steam Sale. As mentioned upthread, that would happen in the old days of Steam Sales, but hasn’t been a factor since they did away with the flash sales several years ago.

However, multiple other reputable digital storefronts are also having Fall or Black Friday sales and it often pays to check prices on those sites before pulling the trigger on Steam. Fanatical, Humble Store, GreenManGaming, WinGameStore, IndieGala and Epic Games Store are just a few of the more popular sites also having sales this week. Also as mentioned above, you can always look up a game on IsThereAnyDeal and check the current price across multiple sites as well as the lowest recorded price to see where the best deal can be had.

Happy Shopping! =)

Goes to show how long I’ve been out of pc gaming, heh.

Most of the games I’m looking at are cheap already, but it probably couldn’t hurt to look at the other sites.

I really liked the flash sales and still miss them. It was fun logging in each day and seeing what treasures might be had.

One more thing I like about IsThereAnyDeal is that below the price comparison section is a section that will tell you if the game has been in any bundles at any point. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and it’s in an active bundle somewhere for way less than it costs on it’s own, but most times it is just helpful to see that it was bundled a couple of times already as you can then decide to wait until it’s bundled somewhere again if you’re in no rush to pick it up immediately.

I too miss the old Steam Sale Flash Deals as it was fun to hit the page every day at 1:00PM EST and see what games were on extra discount. I totally understand from Valve’s perspective why they ended it though, as people would simply wait to purchase anything that wasn’t a flash deal until the final day of the sale. Better for Valve to have the sales numbers (and traffic volume) spread out over the 10+ days of the sale.

I don’t really understand this at all though. Why not just give users the best price upfront throughout the sale period, rather than force them to check in all the time? Also, the issue I raised is significant - if there are flash sales, you should logically never buy a game during the Summer Sale until right till the end, or you might have paid more for nothing. From a sales perspective, there is potential conversion loss if users waited, then just never came back to check out their carts. edit: I forgot the other point being that at least for me, if I missed a flash sale for a game I wanted, psychologically I’d probably not buy it all rather than at the sub-flash discount.

They were bad business, no doubt, but like @Anklebiter I still miss them too. It was fun to have a reason to check in on the sale every day and get excited about that thing you’ve been waiting for going on an unprecedented sale.

These days one checks the store once at the beginning of the sale and then might as well forget about it, and the discounts aren’t anything extra anyway. It was a moment in time and can’t be recaptured and it was silly, but it was fun.

I believe the main reason Steam stopped the flash sales was that they started offering refunds. Anyone who bought before the flash sale would just refund and rebuy.

Well for some reason a lot of my wish list game sales this year look really appealing to me. Here’s what I currently have in my cart

It looks like I may finally get around to trying Horizon’s Gate. Also, I loved Night Chasers so I’m sure I’ll also love Ruined King.

Haha, I don’t have GamePass so that makes buying decisions easier.

I keep on telling myself I’ll get gamepass after I burn through my backlog, but I keep adding to my backlog during sales. Right now the calculus doesn’t look good, but “maybe someday”.

You’re looking at it the wrong way! When you sign up for Gamepass you’ll get access to hundreds of other games you also won’t play.


I got GamePass for my Xbox and just paid a small additional to top up for PC and now I am damned to forever live out this meme as I’m too weak to give up GamePass. It’s a drug, and you’re doing well to resist!

This meme is me, but with the added wrinkle of not having a gaming pc other than my Steam Deck. I do have GP Ultimate for three years (just reupped), and access to cheap windows keys via the MS company store (friends who work for them), so I could install window on it and have access to all those GP games. Right now I’m looking at Battletech- on GP, but $10 in the Steam Sale. But do I want the hassle?