Steam Summer Sale 2022

Skirmish mode allegedly has a save option, as well (currently on the fence on whether to get this or wait until it’s on a better sale)

It works in skirmish. I just tried it with a quick game against the AI.

Here is my haul - many of the things were DLC that I just got tired of being on my wishlist - Northgard, Stars in Shadow, Armello, American Truck Simulator, Phoenix Point. I don’t even know if I’ll play ATS again! I like the scenery but I don’t really care about trucks.

King Arthur: A Knight’s Tale and Songs of Conquest were the biggies.


If I buy anything it will probably be DLC for some of the older games I have.

Picked up the following from Fanatical using the 10% discount from their Reventure promo:
Lonely Mountains + DLC
Persona 4 Golden
Both Rimworld DLCs

I’ll grab a few things from Steam on Tuesday after seeing what’s in the Humble Choice bundle (probably nothing).

I picked up Diddly-Squat as well. Could not be happier with my purchase.

Any opinions on Rome Expeditions vs King Arthur A Knight’s tale? They seen similar and both feel like something I’d like, and neither are on a deep enough discount to warrant getting both, but I would like to get one of them. Just not sure which…?

King Arthur Knights Tale has great replayability because you want to try out different builds and characters (different morality choices give you different characters). I also feel that the AI is very well done. I am not great at these games which gives me the advantage of being able to play a long time on Normal and still look forward to a harder challenge. Most Youtube videos have stated the AI is well done (that I have watched for some pointers).

The game has made me start reading some King Arthur stories (I bought Kindle Unlimited and going to start reading the first book in Bernard Cornwell’s Warlord Series series which I have heard is great).

I never heard of the Roman game so will look into eventually depending on what others have to say.

I would suggest getting it on Steam and trying it for the two hours.

Note: Read through the dedicated thread as some are reporting performance issues on lower end computers. I didnt have any problems but my computer is fairly robust.

Good news! I got over my damn self. Here’s what I decided to pick up:

I saw a youtube video about a game that is a city builder/survival game where the goal is to cure the zombies. I cannot remember the name of the game.

Zombie Cure Lab (not released yet)

Oh well I thought I might give it a try if it was on sale and it is not even out - but further searching found a demo:

I’ve played the first Expeditions game, which was OK but ultimately I didn’t see it through to the end. A Knight’s Tale seemed more appealing to me and I got it - but I don’t have experience with Expeditions Rome. Not a lot of help, I know :-)

Rome is a fine game, but it also has a lot of quicks, probably because with each iteration of the expedition games, they add/modify the concept of the games. This latest one is a lot more of a roman x-com style game with named characters that deviate horrendously from history, even though they have historic counterparts.
Its fun, but had some jank and the itemization isn’t that good or interesting. It also has a crafting system that is okay’ish.

King Arthur is a great game, with a lot of inspired ideas, great gameplay and again is xcom style game with named characters, based on Arthurian legend. Its also a massively sprawling game, where not everything is obvious, and its clear, like all Neocore games, that it’s a massive labour of love.

My money would be on King Arthur, simply because its the most ambitious and interesting.

You MAY want to look into this as well, which is a GREAT 40K warhammer style Xcom game.

Its a great time to be fan of Xcom style games!

My haul so far.

Slipways. Wow, thank god for top 10 game lists, cause this would not hit my radar screen without Tom and others. One short review described it as casual puzzle game. Naw it Space 4x, for builders, stripped down to the essence, colonizing planets. No fighting, but the colonizing takes a fraction of the time of regular Space 4x. Very nice, interface and easy to use. For $11.89 a real bargain.

A huge amount of depth for a game that you can finish on hour or two max.

Phoenix Point. Played about 10 hours, a solid game, but I think Xcom2 and DLC is better.

Democracy 4: Haven’t play it yet. My expectation are low, single developer games are almost always disappointing, but political games are awfully rare.

On the fence.
War at Sea
King Arthur: Midevil tales

This is great, you’ll love it.

Got Tiny Combat Arena, finally. Looking forward to that.

For an additional $2.37 I picked up Orbt XL, CAT Interstellar, and Side Meier’s Ace Patrol Bundle. Because cost of a medium fries.

Been on the fence about Slipways. The word “puzzle” in a lot of the reviews scared me. I want to feel like I’m simulating, not unpuzzling. But @Strollen’s comments and @BrianRubin’s review on the page might push me over on it…

I was tempted. I enjoyed Democracy 2. Didn’t like 3 too much for some reason. Did you play #3 and if so what has improved with #4?

I’ve honestly only played 4 but I really enjoyed it.

It’s been a while since I played 3. I see it as much more of an evolutionary than revolutionary change. 2 remains my favorite in the series, yet I don’t think I’d go back to it other than maybe for comparison purposes.

Maybe this video can help:

I would call it more of a puzzle game than a simulation, but it’s not like most puzzle games in the sense that there’s certainly not only a single solution to the problem presented to you at any given moment. Rather its puzzles are more like the puzzles in an xcom game: you have goals you want to complete and some freedom in how you approach them, but the game will reward you for spending some time thinking about them and achieving them in sensible ways.

Not that I’d want to go too far into that comparison: it’s certainly much more thinky than an xcom game. And on the harder difficulties it requires very careful play to avoid running into an economic hole.

One of my favourite games of recent times.

I’m sure anyone even remotely interested will have these already but Zach just released their LAST game, and most of the others are discounted:

Spacechem is my favourite one, Opus Magnum was the one that got the most attention- also very good and extremely giffable.

Such great puzzleish games to pootle around with