Steam Summer Sale 2022

Steam servers appear to be getting slammed, so the scavenger hunt isn’t working reliably. I’ll wait a bit before trying it out. The steamdb link that Stusser shared is very helpful. Doesn’t look like you can directly navigate to the items, but at least you can see what their graphics look like and visually scan for them.

So far I’m probably just picking up 20 Minutes Till Dawn (no discount) from Steam.

I was also planning on getting Lonely Mountains Downhill with its DLC, but it’s actually cheaper on Fanatical now. About $11 vs $14 on Steam. The price is even better if I use the 10% code that came with the free Reventure promo from the other day.

Will I get another X4 expansion that is on sale but I won’t play? Probably.

Are you me?

Pffff. Only 20 and 25 % on the three games I’m seriously considering (Old World, Expeditions Rome and Wildermyth). I don’t think I’ll be buying a lot this sale!

Yeah it sounds bad complaining about 20 or 25% off but you can pick those deals up from most places on those games a few months after release, I mean Epic had the 25% off coupon going for ages just recently, I get 20% with Humble and GMG always has offers like that. For me to really over spend it needs something more.

Indeed: if I look around, I’d probably be able to find all three games cheaper, at any time. And I didn’t. So the discount needs to be a lot better for me to pull the trigger now.

Not that I really mind though: plenty of games still to play and not a lot of time to play them, so I can wait for another sale!

I stopped going to because of this. Lame.

Picked up Half Life: Alyx. That may be it for me, not really looking for anything else at the moment.

Assumedly you have a VR headset, so how in the world did you not already own Alyx? Did you just get VR recently?

Bought a Quest 2 headset earlier this year, so fairly recently. I was just waiting for the game to go on sale.

So, figure this would be a good time to get Guardians of the Galaxy, since I’ve heard good things about it and it’s 50% off. Is it also worth it to bundle with The Avengers (also 50% off, or 58% if I get both w/ the extra content)? What say you.

Yay, another blob of games on deep discount.

My small haul so far:


Skywalker Saga I’m planning on playing almost exclusively on Steam Deck. Tiny Tina - finally another co-op game for my crew. Some people are getting bored of Deep Rock Galactic.

I just got this!

I just bought Save 70% on The Sinking City - Necronomicon Edition on Steam

after watching The Video Game Developers Resisting Russia's Invasion - YouTube

Purchased this. Prettier graphics but the path finding is still awful, if they improved it at all. Oddly, by taping the space bar you can revert back to the original graphics. I played RA 2 so RA is new to me.

Historical low. Me and Tanya say, “Chaching!”

My new toys:

American Truck: Utah
Cupid Nonogram
Euro Truck: Black Sea
Khimera Puzzle Island
No Parachute
Suits Absolute Power
Super Squidlit

All deck stuff :)

Good choice, @jpinard! I loved it!

I purchased Kings Arthurs Knight Tale and Captain of Industry (which isnt on sale and in EA but wanted to try it anyway).

Contemplating on Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga

I’ve picked up:

Blood Card 2
Gordian Quest