Steam Summer Sale 2022

Purchased this. Prettier graphics but the path finding is still awful, if they improved it at all. Oddly, by taping the space bar you can revert back to the original graphics. I played RA 2 so RA is new to me.

Historical low. Me and Tanya say, “Chaching!”

My new toys:

American Truck: Utah
Cupid Nonogram
Euro Truck: Black Sea
Khimera Puzzle Island
No Parachute
Suits Absolute Power
Super Squidlit

All deck stuff :)

Good choice, @jpinard! I loved it!

I purchased Kings Arthurs Knight Tale and Captain of Industry (which isnt on sale and in EA but wanted to try it anyway).

Contemplating on Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga

I’ve picked up:

Blood Card 2
Gordian Quest

So far I have picked up:


However, I do have a few things sitting in my cart. I put some in the cart, took some out, hovered the cursor over the Purchase button, and then decided to have a beer to ponder my options. The beer was good.

Is that early access?

I keep staring at the 900 games in my wishlist and indecision kicks in. So I too have bought Diddly-Squat
so far. :D

Same here. The only bad thing about Game Pass is that it ruined Steam Sales. I used to love them.

It’s another one of those open world, survival crafting games I think.

So far I’m in for: Elex 2, King Arthur: Knights Tale, Gloomhaven. These were all on my wish list so I’m pretty happy.

I am tempted by more but below is it so far, pay day tomorrow though.

Sinking City
Strange Horticultural
Last Epoch

I picked up more for the backlog than I have in quite a while including

Dark Deity
Democracy 4
Interstellar Space Genesis
Space Haven
Wyoming for ATS

Here’s a suggestion: set a percentage, like 70 or 75%. If something on your list is on sale at that mark or better, and you still don’t want to buy it, remove it from the list.

Wrong! I am actually playing this.

Also picked up

  • Nebuchadnezzar - really hits that Impressions Games niche. Early Access seems to come along far enough to jump in.
  • Spacebourne - Space combat and ground combat! But very janky.
  • Factorio. Not on sale but pretty good!

It still took me 30 minutes to find the ten fakes, but I never would have without that link. Thanks!

Pro tip: go to the SteamHub community page for the game. People have left comments about where they found them. They seem to be in 2-3 different categories, so you may not find them where someone else did.

This little Steam hunt has made me realize that I’m old and have no idea how Steam categories games anymore. There are also thousands of games that look interesting but I’ll never play. I guess that’s good and bad.

Confession: I don’t even know what the Steam sale game is this time. It’s presented as a wall of text so I didn’t even read it.

Sorry Steam!

My haul so far:

  • Gordian Quest
  • Neon White
  • Stacklands
  • Cloudpunk
  • AI: The Somnium Files
  • The Last Campfire
  • Cuphead

I might buy more stuff before the sale ends. We’ll see.

That’s what I’ve been doing for a while now. If a game is at least 75-80% off and I’m still undecided on grabbing it, it’s probably safe to say that I’m not that interested in buying it.

I’m more in the “right price, wrong time” school. A game might be 80% off but just not what I’m looking for now. I’m happy to leave it on the wishlist because it will be on sale again at the right time.