Steam Summer Sale 2022

Yeah, same here. I usually just buy them and add them to my backlog, so why not wait until one feels like I would want to play it right this moment? That way maybe I’ll actually play it.

Exempt from this rational line of reasoning is when games fall below $5. Then the irrational thought kicks.

“Why not?”

Sure, but if you want a way to pare down a list that is nearing 1000 titles, it’s an idea. If you don’t mind having a giant list, so be it.

Why is ‘New World’ not under $5 at this point?

Well now I didn’t say I went putting every halfway interesting sounding title on my list, that would be nuts. I think I’ve got maybe 100 titles on it most of the time.

Mine usually hovers around that too. We aren’t pro gamers like @lordkosc

Songs of Conquest just got a 25% discount on Steam right now. This now matches the current GOG sale price.

It’s a bit odd to see a discount come in late during a Steam sale. Perhaps there was some mixup when they submitted their discount price to Steam.

I just like all the things, except anime. :)

I think @BrianRubin is the MVP for steam wishlist size.

@krushnine Yep I saw that Songs of Conquest discount, I am guessing sales at full price were not happening, and so they decided to participate as to not leave that sweet sale early access money on the table.

I think the only game I am going to get is Old World.

I also have a ton of games that are in the 75-80% off range, but they are the Matrix-style war-games and I don’t know I am in the mood for them.

I saw the notification this morning and was pretty happy! I was wondering if it had to do with being recently released and Steam’s old rule about discounts or something. Anyways, it is good news!

This is not a money saved question, more seeking advice on how to spend my limited time. I’m interested in getting a worker placement game, and I have my eye on Axes and Acres and Raiders of the North Sea. I watched Tom’s 'splainer on Axes and Acres and if you still can’t save during a phase or between phases that is a ‘no’ for me. Appreciate your advice. And no, get both isn’t the answer I’m looking for ;-)

Glad I checked – apparently I bought Old World on EGS at some point and just never played, hah

Both are equally good, although Raiders is a bit more polished. The save issue in Axes was addressed shortly after Tom’s video was recorded, and you can save at any time.

That is good news @Sonoftgb, thanks

A combination of sadness over current events, some unexpected extra money in my pocket and a lot of stuff I’m excited about in my wishlist hitting historic lows led to this:

Wait…what have you done with Brian Rubin? There is nary a space game in that list!


War on the Sea any good as a throwback WW2 Pacific game? Currently at lowest price.

So far I’ve tried:

And they are both very fun and promising.

Not being snarky - how can you play co-op shooters where nobody else is playing? According to Steamdb, neither one of these games has gotten much traction.

…it becomes single player at that point?