Steam Summer Sale 2022

Thanks. I remember seeing it listed before but not knowing if it was an rpg or a strategy game.


And so it begins! The site is surprisingly responsive.

now would be a good time to contribute to your CS:GO team amirite?


Cheaters never win, or so I’m told, but if you wanna give it a shot…

It says I have to be signed in. What is it?

The list of games to find each day to do the sale game thingiemagig.

I was hoping Songs of Conquest would go on sale. It’s currently on sale on GOG. Not sure why no sale on Steam.

I think Steam has a time limit as to when things can go on sale, and I think Songs of Conquest is too new.

Why would you waste time with an individual search when this is waaaay better?

My link wasn’t to games on sale, it was to fake games added to the catalog for the sale promotion.

Ohhh those games at the bottom, right. Sorry, misunderstood.

I think just Vault of the Void and WazHack for me.


Steam servers appear to be getting slammed, so the scavenger hunt isn’t working reliably. I’ll wait a bit before trying it out. The steamdb link that Stusser shared is very helpful. Doesn’t look like you can directly navigate to the items, but at least you can see what their graphics look like and visually scan for them.

So far I’m probably just picking up 20 Minutes Till Dawn (no discount) from Steam.

I was also planning on getting Lonely Mountains Downhill with its DLC, but it’s actually cheaper on Fanatical now. About $11 vs $14 on Steam. The price is even better if I use the 10% code that came with the free Reventure promo from the other day.

Will I get another X4 expansion that is on sale but I won’t play? Probably.

Are you me?

Pffff. Only 20 and 25 % on the three games I’m seriously considering (Old World, Expeditions Rome and Wildermyth). I don’t think I’ll be buying a lot this sale!

Yeah it sounds bad complaining about 20 or 25% off but you can pick those deals up from most places on those games a few months after release, I mean Epic had the 25% off coupon going for ages just recently, I get 20% with Humble and GMG always has offers like that. For me to really over spend it needs something more.