Steam Summer Sale 2024

Actually… I’m in completely the wrong thread. So just pretend I wasn’t here.

Last few I picked up, guess I’m in the mood for horror-ish games.

(Cheaper on GMG with coupon)

Not all from Steam direct, went pretty mainstream for me this sale. Old AAA, Picross, and a couple fighting games is where I landed. FF14 is the only one on this list I’d already owned.

I finally crumbled and grabbed these. Already playing one feels like a relative win on the backlog %.


Never heard of any of those.

The Room series is a kind of famous (for puzzlers). Pseudoregalia has also some fame, at least relative to the niche genre (3d platformer metroidvania). It has 9000 reviews which for that nicheness is impressive.

Lots of friend on steam seem to own Cobalt Core, is it any good?

Forum thread got pretty quiet at the end of last year.

I just picked it up a few days ago and finished my first run yesterday. I think it’s fantastic. Right there with StS and Monster Train for me. I’ve been having trouble lately finding a deckbuilder that holds my attention and this one definitely does.

It’s light and fun. One of the criticisms is there’s not enough content there. I think I saw the gist of it after about 12 hours, which is pretty good. The only thing I’m itching to do is to kill the shopkeeper with Peri’s Parry card and maybe a couple Jupiter drones. That sounds fun, so I left it on my Steam Deck for later.

My Haul:

American Arcadia (just added this morning after seeing @Paul_cze’s screenshots - very cool!)
Trine 5
Tavern Master
The Riven Companion
A Short Hike
Tetris Effect Connected
Narrative Nonograms Bundle

Not sure I knew there was a room 4. Fatal Zone is a lot of fun (extraction survivor-like with permadeath), but people have complained of losing their data. Seems like there might be a big patch coming. I like cobalt core a lot but didn’t play a ton of it.

Current sale damage:

  • Megaton Musashi Wired! at 50% off $24.99 this one broke my usual “patientgamer” stance, but it’s a solid giant robot brawler with mech customisation/looter elements, and a pretty extensive visual novel story wrapper so it really does feel like the pacing of a giant robot TV show. You can just jump into side mission content if you need a quick fix, but there’s definitely lots of systems that unlock via the story which is mainly static visual novel dialogs but there are also some anime cutscenes (I believe it’s from the actual anime they also produced lol). The difficulty is pretty light on the main content so far (I’m about 8 hours in). The audio and visuals for mech deployment are spot-on though.

and a couple filler games:

  • Jet Lancer 75% off at $3.74
  • Superflight 80% off at $0.59
  • Dee-6 Defenders 35% off at $3.24

Also - only 2 hours left!

I tried to avoid too much damage:

Maybe I should grab American Truck Simulator in the next hour.

Man I really like Valkyrie Chronicles. I actively hate anime, but put up with that bit because the game mechanics in this one were quite fun.

Wish some more games would use the game mechanics in other settings.

I picked up Under Night 2 since I’ve been getting more into fighting games and want to try out some different styles.

Scrolled through my massive wishlist several times but didn’t wind up pulling the trigger on anything else. Nothing there would go to the top of my “play now” depth chart.

My take:

Robocop: Rogue City
Hitman World of Assassination Part One (three bucks!)

Ditto. Valkyria Chronicles was so good. I believe that was a PS3 game for me. I never touched the remaster or any sequels although maybe I should take another look. I’d highly recommend the original for the tactical battles and characters.

Do it!

All right! Fine! I did it! With fifteen minutes to spare.

It is lacking enough content/options to keep you playing as much as a StS or Vault of the Void and others. They have added some more weapons, enemies, and adjusted how the game plays a little so far with free updates but it will require a pretty good content expansion to get as much replay out of it as you would others. It’s still worth it as it’s a charming and interesting take on the genre.