Steam summer sale has started

I’ve been eyeing NWN2 Platinum for some time now, and this price is probably the best that will come along, but I have a question: Are there any mods/patches which fix the horrid NPC combat AI? I quit my first run through the original (no expansions) after I got frustrated having to babysit all of my party members, and I’m really disinclined to pause-pause-pause my way through every encounter. Has anything been done, either in the expansions or by the community, to remedy this?

None, I think, but nostalgia. I’ve played all of them starting with X-Tension, and IMHO the older ones pretty much require a joystick, for one thing. The very first game (minus the X-Tension) limits you to one ship and is apparently has more of a plot. I enjoyed X-Tension a lot, X-2 slightly less so. There are cockpits in everything up to and including X2, then they dumped them (though I think there are mods).

I have never gotten the hang of getting to true mogul status in any of the games and they are a bit of a timesink, but still enjoyable if you don’t mind a deliberate pace. Some people leave the games running overnight once they have auto-trading ships set up.

For 5 bucks for X3 TC, if the idea intrigues you you can’t go wrong. It’s gorgeous, for one thing. Also I really love the soundtrack–very atmospheric.

You have to point the mouse pointer to the thing you want to affect with your pickaxe/axe/weapon. I had that problem myself. For instance, if you have the axe equipped, in order to actually chop down a tree, you have to put the mouse pointer on the base of the tree. With the pickaxe you need to put the pointer on the ground you want to affect.

Here’s a link to a wiki:

The Sam & Maxes are a steal at that price. All the episodes aren’t great, but they’re always competent, and some of them are as good as it get.

Which X should I get ? I played X2 back in the day but it didn’t really grab me.

How is F1 2010 ? I’m not a great racing man, can it be played as an arcadish racer, or is it for die hard sim fans only ?

Portal 2 and Dead Space 2 are sort of tempting, but I’ll wait for them to get cheaper. As for PoP 2008 I really hated it, it as so bad I felt stolen when I bought it for 5 $ at the december sale, and I’m pretty forgiving.

Anyone want to jump into a group buy for the Terraria 4 pack?

So far its Vesper and I.

Anyone else?


See this thread:

Is PAM any good or is it more me-too disposable garbage? Meridian 4 doesn’t inspire confidence as a publisher.

I’m in if there’s still room.

Probably also pick up NWN2 platinum. I already own the base game, but have been watching for a sale on MotB.

Anyone played P.A.M.? I’m slightly curious for $2 with a 3-pack, but haven’t heard anything about it.

Ok. Room for 1 more for the Terraria group buy.

So far: Me, Vesper and Boojum.

Grabbed it, thanks for the recommendation!

If X2 didn’t grab you, I wouldn’t buy any of them. As far as I know they’ve changed mostly in terms of graphics and having more stuff to fiddle with (and new plots, I guess, but everyone says those are terrible).

I am in on Terraria group buy! In, in, in :-)

I highly doubt I’ll want to invest enough time into the X series to make it worth it, but I picked up Terran Conflict just in case. I had Reunion but someone said TC is better overall. Definitely not going to play both of them!

$5 is low enough just to look at cool spaceships and planets for an hour.

I highly recommend that you check out the egosoft forums. Also, there’s a great thread over on the Gamers with Jobs forum that’s an invaluable resource, which can point you to many more resources in turn.

Here’s that thread I mentioned over at GWJ:

Group buy closed. PMs sent to Vesper, Boojum and RepoMan.


Nothing today that interests me. I did go ahead and bite on the 1C Strategy Pack (A Farewell to Dragons, Reign : Conflict of Nations, XIII Century Gold & Fantasy Wars) for $15 though as I don’t forsee those games in that collection being that cheap again anytime soon and most of them were on my wishlist.

Tomorrow should bring a rehash of most of the deals on the popular titles from previous days. I don’t see myself biting on any unless they redo the Two Worlds II deal. If not, I’ll snag Drakensang and River of Time for the same $17 I would have spent on TW2.

I highly recommend NWN2 Platinum to anyone who doesn’t have the series yet or even just wants Mask of the Betrayer and Storm of Zehir as the expansions are better than the base game (which is good by itself) and add tons of content.

On these x-games, which is the one I should buy?

Nothing today for me, either. I’m kicking myself for not jumping on the Shogun 2 deal, so I hope that they revisit that one. Other than that, this has been a pretty uneventful Steam sale for me. I picked up Spectromancer for $2.50… and that’s it. Wait, no–I also grabbed backup copies of The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, for $7.

Short answer X3:TC-- look just a few posts up for reasons.

Anyone have experience with that P.A.M. title?

I guess tomorrow will be a bunch of re-runs? Dang, I was hoping for a Dawn of War II sale. Oh well, it’s not like I don’t have a ton of new things to play now :)