Steam syncing

Traveling into areas with questionable internet connection, and running into some problems playing Tactics Ogre Reborn on Steam.

When the internet is unavailable, I simply open the game, open my most recent save, and everything is fine. At the end of the play session, I save.

But next time I go to play the game, if the internet it available, it seems that my local saves disappear, and I only have the option to go back to where I last played online… and although I like Tactics Ogre a lot, I am not crazy about replaying a whole bunch of levels of Palace of the Dead. lol

I would think the solution would be to play exclusively offline, so the online saves do not replace my local saves. But I cannot see how to do that. Or is there some other solution?

Under game-properties-updates there should be a check box to disable steam cloud per game.

Should be a better option than putting steam itself into offline mode.

Thank you!

Turns out that it is under the “general” tab rather than updates, but this ought to solve my problem.