Steam Thanksgiving Sale Damage Thread


Complaints about complaints about Steam Sales used to be so much better, but now these posters just trot out the same old tired criticisms of posters trotting out the same old tired criticisms of Steam. Frankly, I think our meta-critique game is really slipping around here.


Here’s my complaint - I own all the stuff I want on Steam


I was just going through Steam and stumbled upon Late Shift. Holy crap, someone made a modern, HD FMV game???




I do, actually.


Much like Douglas Adams’s appreciation for deadlines, I always enjoyed the whooshing sound flash sales made as they went right on by.


Wolfenstein 2 will be mine if PC digital goes 50% off as well. Hoping that Humble gets in on it so I can score the extra 10% off and bring the digital deluxe down to $36.


I tried to restrain myself! Actually my standard post in the thanksgiving thread is that this sale is super weak compared to the Christmas sale.

Then for the Christmas sale, I post about how all Steam sales suck these days because there are no actual deals as they can’t be limited time/flash sales due to refunds.

Then I’ll come into the thread from time to time to signal my agreement with other posters bitching about how the sale sucks, and tell people ecstatic at getting games they really wanted that the sale really wasn’t very good and it was available at the same price back in June. Basically I do everything I can do to suck all the joy out of the occasion.

I don’t do this every sale, but often I’ll interject how I don’t care about the badges, stickers, or whatever gamification Valve is doing this sale, while in the background I make sure I log-in every single day to fill out my sticker book, even though I never look at it again and feel vaguely ashamed at my own hypocrisy for participating.


EA has been doing their own Black Friday specials on Origin, so it could be worthwhile to check them out.


Isn’t that out of date? I thought prices were roughly the same between the two sales these days. It’s hard to remember.




This is one of the main reasons I love members of this forum. :)


Sale going on again on the Ubi store too, Far Cry Primal will be mine! When I get time to buy it later today.


I dunno about that one, but there’s another one, “Her Story” I think? that is supposed to be great.


Is Her Story HD? I remember the videos being relatively low res, but I never did the source file thing. Contradiction might well have been HD.


Budget is up to 400$, the only thing I have in my wishlist is Pepper’s Puzzles. Bring it on Steam.

I skipped that one, did you get anything else for doing it?


Don’t forget about Origin Access. $5 a month to play several games, including recent ones like Mass Effect: Andromeda, Titanfall 2, Star Wars: Battlefront, Battlefield 1, and Garden Warfare 2. I used it to play Andromeda last month, a game I would have regretted buying if I had spent the sale price on, but for $5 I didn’t really mind.


Just these so far:


Yeah, I’m considering it. I just noticed that Origin has a 10 hour trial thing, never saw that before, so I’mma give that a go first.


Definitely some steam hiccupping going on, as I saw several titles at discount and then they are back to normal price.