Steam Thanksgiving Sale Damage Thread


OK yeah, Armikrog I bought because it’s done by Doug Tennapel, the guy who did Earthworm Jim. But the reason I bought it is because it looks like an extension of another game he did that I loved called The Neverhood. That was a point and click adventure from the 90s but also with a pretty crazy visual style - it was all done in claymation for one thing - and a really great sense of humor. Hoping Armikrog is pretty good.

Dex just looked interesting to me, a cyberpunk side scroller, like Deus Ex in 2D. I wasn’t really up for gambling at $20, but for $6.60 what the heck.

Now let me add this: if Dex looks interesting to you, it appears to be part of a Humble Bundle that I just got an email about. Might want to look into that, get a bunch of games for the same price.

Edit: oh wait forgot I also picked up Halo Wars 2 complete on because I don’t know.


I actually bought quite a bit in this sale: had a decent amount of gift card money to spend and a wishlist full of indie games. Picked up some random stuff like Aviary Attorney, Bokida, and the Myrne games as well as some bigger hits like Tacoma, What Remains of Edith Fitch, and the Long Dark.

I suspect these all to now show up in the next Humble Monthly Bundle, of course.


I took your advice and looked into it, but as far as I can see, Humble currently doesn’t have any game bundles at all, and googling “Dex bundle” came up empty.


DEX is in this bundle…





Some EU IV and Crusader Kings 2 expansions to the tune of about $40
Grim Dawn expansion
War for the Overworld

Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations
Distant Worlds (I’ve been wanting to play these two Matrix games for a while)

I thought I was done and then Dominions 5 hit today with a discount.


I was waiting for the DLC for Dark Souls 3 to come on sale but apparently they are never on sale. And the comments in the season pass area are pretty negative towards buying them based on a price/time ratio.

I did buy DS 2 SOTFS in the sale for $9,99. I also bought DS 3 as a gift for somebody.


Wait, when did this change?! I had no idea they were just GOG now.


This was news to me too. According to Wikipedia, the name change happened in 2012 when they began offering modern games.


It’s a sign of the end times. Steam will rename itself Magog soon.


omgog! rly?!

My damage amounted to: $100/0. Divide by Zero (Gunner) * [undefined].


I was gonna buy Near Automatic because SALE but @tomchick told me it is Not For Me. So I was sad and bought Evochron Legacy instead. True story.


Why doesn’t Tom think you’d like sexy androids talking about the meaning of life?


I wonder how long Bruce would have lasted trying to play Nier. Actually, maybe longer than he lasts trying to play an Evochron game. Which is also Not For Him.



That’s right. We don’t want Bruce to drown himself in existential self-wallowing and throw himself off of his wargame shelf into the deep dark ruin below. Good call!

(I just finished NieR Automata last week, and then spent another week reading all the side novels / stage play scripts etc. I cling to life because of ending E.)

I only bought 2 things on Steam:

  • Quadrilateral Cowboy
  • Nex Machina

And I plan to actually play them first instead of backlogging them. Well, I’ll get to them after I finish my current game.


I usually do the wishlist cleanse that @divedivedive mentioned above. I guess it’s worked well because this year there was nothing of the sort to buy! So I’ve got a short list for once:

  • Wolfenstein II w/ season pass

…but it’s already crashed twice in about two hours of play, so I’m going to put it down for now and hope there are some more patches before Christmas.


NieR: Automata is amazing. Amazing.


I purchased Nada : Chapter Zero - The Nuthening.

Between my ridiculous backlog and the fact that I’ve been addicted to LOTRO for the last 3 months (it’s literally the only game I have played in that time) I just couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger on anything, even wishlist stuff that was on 75% discount. It helps that the Winter Sale is just around the corner.

It also seems like anything I purchase individually on sale seems to show up a month later in a bundle somewhere (Humble, Fanatical, IndieGala, etc.). I’ve managed to get amazing deals on several wishlist games in the past year by simply resisting the urge to purchase individually and then scooping them up in bundles instead. I was sorely tempted by the $1.99 Lords of Xulima Deluxe Edition on Amazon, but then I noticed it’s a download only, no Steam code. That means there is a very high probability that I would purchase it, forget I purchased it, and 3 months from now purchase it again in a bundle or at 80% off on Steam. This may have happened to me in the past…


Thanks! I bought both last night before the sale expired. They sound intriguing.

So my new damage:

Wolfenstein 2 deluxe: $40
Uncharted Collection: $8
Armikrog: $4
Dex: $6.60
Typoman: $3.90
Virginia: $4

Total Damage in $: 66.50
Total Damage in Time: Unknown.


For once I decided to do the smart thing and decided to hold off on making any other purchases. After really thinking about whether I’d want to play the games I was considering over games I already have, I decided I’d be just as happy playing what I have. Maybe there is hope for me yet. They will be on sale again.

I stuck with:
Wolfenstein II: The Freedom Chronicles
Horizon Zero Dawn (as Christmas present for me)
Uncharted 4 (as Christmas present for me)

I returned Everyone’s gone to the Rapture before 2 hours was up and got Everybody’s Golf.