Steam Thanksgiving Sale Damage Thread


Oxygen Not Included…only game I ever bought in early access…I look through my library and pick a game genre I don’t have…I don’t have a game like this

honorable mention: Worshipers…another early access title…strategy gamers MUST put this one on their wishlist…thank me later


I need someone to keep telling me this so that I’ll go back to it. I really enjoyed the concept of it for awhile, but then I got bogged down in a lot of open world chores running and back and forth between spots I’ve been to a hundred times already. I need convincing that I should push through it to get back to the good stuff.


NieR Automata is the Game of the Year to me. No, of the Decade. Maybe Century.

That said, I know there are people who don’t feel that way about it. You might well be one of them. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But I’ll say that only ending B is actually repetitive. Ending C follows from A and B, ending D branches from C near the end (so it’s quick and mostly painless to play), and ending E is entirely original.

So only the second “playthrough” - ending B - has a lot of repeated content. So if you manage to get beyond that, there’s a good chance you’ll want to play to the very (real) end.

Also, if you’re still in the first “part”, wait to do sidequests once you have unlocked “fast travel”, so to speak. That helps a lot in the going back and forth part.


NieR: Automata is okay. I don’t think I’ve ever read anyone praise the moment to moment gameplay, though, when talking it up. The actual fighting that is a big part of the game feels a bit of a mess and the boss battles occasionally frustrate me and for that reason I haven’t finished it yet.

Unlocking fast travel - finally - was nice. You know, like how unlocking saving - finally - was nice. This is a game that gives people lots of reasons to put it down in frustration and never play it again, regardless of the praise.

I like all the robots.


That’s how I felt after playing its beta/demo, whatever that was. It’s tough to get excited for a game if you don’t enjoy the core moment-to-moment gameplay. Still, I suppose if the story overall is so good that it’s worth it, then looking at it from another perspective, it’s not like the gameplay was particularly objectionable either. It was competent, and not too frustrating. So if I look at it that way, if it’s a game that’s worth it for the story, then the gameplay shouldn’t be a big impediment to that enjoyment.


For me the gameplay isn’t bad, and at normal difficulty I can afford to fight sloppily through the entire game. What kept me going to the end was how so many people raved about the story, and particular the journey that was laid out. I had to experience that for myself.

I may not name this my game of the year (that would still be Persona 5), but I will definitely replay this from the beginning again, one day, unlike P5.


Should someone talk me back into Nier? I was really enjoying it, and I was genuinely surprised by its weird twists. In fact, that’s why I was enjoying it. The surprise of what weird twist or boss would come next. So then I get to the “end” and now I have to replay the story from the perspective of a character I really don’t like? Without the surprise of the twists and bosses because I’ve already seen them all?

I figured the generic JRPGboy sidekick was just along for the ride to make sure I heard the backstory the taciturn badass lead character didn’t want to say out loud. I don’t want to replay the story from his perspective! So I bailed. :(

Did I make the wrong call?



Yes. I’ll explain why later today (on mobile now, and I have a lot to type). ;)


9S is the only good character in the game!


So, uh, let me try to convince you to play more. Minor spoilers ahead perhaps.

So, playing as 9S might seem at first to not be as good as 2B was. And you’re basically playing through the same events with a different character. And at first, it seems it’s not so different, so you might think it’s too much repetition.

But here’s the thing: that first impression is somewhat deceiving. You’re seeing the same events, but through the eyes of a different character. And this character has this ability that gives you new insights on what you’ve seen before. 9S is not 2B. He doesn’t perceive the world in the same way; he doesn’t see the world with the same eyes. That difference between the two characters is extremely important to build some of the basic elements that will be used in the rest of the game.

There are also new elements in the second playthrough - it’s not all repetition from a different point of view. And sometimes the different point of view changes completely a certain encounter. You’d be surprised to see how effective that can be, and I think you will by the time you make it to the “Carnival boss” with 9S.

I was a big fan of 2B when the first playthrough (ending A) ended. 9S didn’t seem to me to be as interesting, and he was certainly a lot less badass. I thought of him as JRPGboy sidekick, much like you. But by the time I got to ending B, I looked back and realized there was more to 9S than I gave him credit for. In many ways, the story is more about him than it is about 2B. It’s hard to think of that as a good idea at first. But then stuff happens and you see how much sense that makes.

In the end, though, the story is actually all about who’s playing the game. 2B, 9S, A2 are ways the game uses to make you peek deep into your own mind. It’s brilliant.

So yeah, you should play it. The repetition can be grating to many, but I’d go as far as to say that that’s part of the message behind the game. Life, as we know, is filled with busywork if you want to get to the good parts of it. NieR is ultimately about what life is, what it means (or doesn’t mean), about the nature of existence, about why and how we keep going in spite of suffering and pain and hopelessness and meaninglessness. To convey that, sometimes it must feel like a chore. But it makes up for that in spades.


I also lost momentum early in the second playthrough, but I pushed through and it was well worth it.


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I can only add this: I intend to play the game again (maybe even to the very end), to enjoy the story beats in a whole new light based on all the revelations revealed all through the game. Plus I found a list of side quests that are more relevant than others.

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