Steam Thanksgiving Sale Damage Thread


Does anyone have thoughts on Kingsway? The novelty of it is winning me over, but I have not heard or read much about it.


I think Vanquish and Bayonetta are at all-time lows. With my Humble Monthly 10% off, they’re even lower. $9.99


I didn’t have portal 2 on PC, it’s 1.99, I now have portal 2 on PC.


You get a virtual book. Of stickers. Isn’t that enough?!

I will allow it.


I grabbed Bayonetta on on Black… Tuesday it was, I guess oO
I hope Sara won’t disappoint!

More than Steam damage, I am wary of Matrixgames damage, as some of those deals are really good.
I am eying Flashpoint Campaigns.


Seems to work ok over Wi-Fi for me. Just to add another data point.


AMEN!!! Bring them back!


Hey thats awesome! You doing anything special? You are the first person I have heard who has got it to play well with wifi.


Strategic Command WW2 is down to $20 already. I own it, and haven’t gotten around to diving into it, but it seems pretty good (there’s a thread).


A PDF? Is it their company policy to make everything more difficult than it needs to be?


All the games in that pdf are linked back to the site. I find it pretty convenient, honestly.


Hm, I don’t think so? I remember it was kind of tough even getting my Steam computer and the Steam link to recognize each other, but once I got that going it was pretty straightforward. It’s only maybe 15 feet between my router and the Steam link, which also probably helps.


Wifi performance depends on your neighbors and distance. If you don’t live in an urban area and get a strong signal wifi should be perfectly fine.


It is so random too: in my previous small town, 2.4ghz was more reliable as it seemed all the 5ghz channel were crowded, making them unusable.
No such issue now that I am downtown in one of the largest, most populated city in the world. I can’t even understand.


There’s no way in hell the 5Ghz channels were crowded. There are a ton of 'em. That’s the primary advantage of the 5Ghz band, in fact. The problem with 5Ghz is that it fares far worse at distance and penetrating walls. So it’s great for apartments and not so much for houses.


I’ll try WiFi to start. My pc and the router are about a foot apart but thru an interior wall. Rent house so can’t run a cable thru it though. Still, for $15 or so including shipping it’s worth a shot.


As another data point, my Steam Link was crappy on my old 2.4Ghz, 802.11n router. Much better now that I’ve upgraded to a dual-band AC router.


Doesn’t solve what was happening there then!
Somebody call the FBI.


Wow, Deus Ex MD (Jensen got a medical degree I guess) is $8.99, and Human Revolution Director’s Cut (for the 3 people who don’t have it) is $2.99!

Prey 2017 is down to 19.99, and if you’ve got that email voucher from GMG, likely less there.*

*It came to 17 bucks.


I’ve been putting off Holy Potatoes We’re In Space long enough, and at $7.50 this seems to be the perfect time. I’m also in the mood for a digital boardgame but can’t decide between Rails to Riches or Lightning:D-Day