Steam Thanksgiving Sale Damage Thread


I am having a lot of trouble deciding on which games I will purchase and then ignore for months while the latest Rimworld update occupies all my gaming time.


Their winter sale is going on right now.


I think you’ll miss a little on the background of the relationships between characters but the story is pretty standalone. Don’t worry about it. It’s frequently on sale though so if you’re in an XCom mood, go for that :)


I have a fair number of games on sale, but I am still tempted to skip this because of my backlog.


Oh cool, Strategic Command WWII is 50% off at the Matrix site instead of 37% off.


It’s pretty great that Matrix has learned that sales are a good thing.

I keep seeing Tank Warfare: Tunisia on sale, but I still have hundreds of hours of gameplay left in Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star, and don’t want to add yet another wargame to the backlog, as much as I like the era and theater.


I feel bad for Eidos Montreal. DX MD is amazing game that got such raw deal. Get it people.

For me, I might get Hellblade but I would be less hesitant if it was 50% off. Not sure if I will like it.


It’s worth it at full price. It’s basically one of those Zachtronics pseudo-coding games, but as a first person adventure with quirky humour.


There are articles on the web that can fill in the gaps in the stories from 1 & 2.


Tomb Raider Reboot complete, Dishonored, and Southpark stick of truth for less than 15 dollars. Haven’t played any of them. I’m debating whether I should spend another 15 dollars. Enjoying this sale.


I bought the Fire and Steel expansion to Monster Slayers. That’ll be all…


I can understand skipping 1 because of its age and combat style, though I still feel the story is compelling enough to do it. However, it is a bit ‘crude’ nowadays and is really quite standalone (and yes, youtube videos can catch you up). However, I’d personally be hard-pressed to say skipping 2 is okay. It isn’t as “old”, and introduces more characters that are important to the Witcher universe. Even moreso if you’re willing to read the books (the two short-story novels at a minimum). The amount of call-backs/references/tie-ins make it one of the most “immersive” universes I’ve played.

Nothing requires that you play 2 though. I’d almost say the books are more important to W3 than the games. My son played all 3, and didn’t understand fully why he should care about the overall plot in W3, whereas reading the books I fully understand why.


Add Resident Evil 4 HD and Deux Ex Mankind Divided for another $15. I’m having fun!

$30 spend so far for 5 fantastic games. Hmmm. Bring it to $45?


Got a pretty eclectic haul of things I mostly wouldn’t have bought otherwise:

Opus Magnum

All for the price of one new triple-A game. Still wavering on Hegemony III. I’ve heard such mixed things about it.


Okay this is getting out of control here.

It started with Bayonetta on Tuesday.
Grabbed that Shenzhen solitaire thing from Zachtronics (nifty, by the way) and OTC’s Jupiter Forge DLC…
And then Matrix happened.
Flashpoint Campaigns and its German Reforged extra scenarios (this game is like the sequel to Theatre Europe! I am 10 year old again!)
Decisive Battle Barbarossa
Heroes of Normandy

Probably going to grab Commands and Colours The Great War before monday too.

I am justifying all those purchases by saying that they are saving me money because they are games I don’t have to buy a new computer to play. Yup.


Tried then refunded:

Arizona Sunshine
Ashes of the Singularity
EVE Valkyrie
Stardew Valley

Nothing bought.

Cue suspicious email from Steam.


I’ve played about 5 hours of Witcher 1.

I had no problem following the story.

Well I suppose you know whom to call on if you need to know the reason to care about any particular plot element! Or ring @rhamorim, he’d set you straight too ;)


Well, you’ll miss all the references Witcher 3 makes to the previous games, and the backstory and motivations of some of the characters you’ll meet, but you’ll not feel lost because Witcher 3 does a great job of being somewhat “self-contained”. i’d say that experience with the previous games (and books) enhances the Witcher 3 experience, but you’ll still have a great time if you haven’t played the other games.

Now that I think about it, I think reading the books adds much more to Witcher 3 than the previous games ever did. Again, Witcher 3 is a great experience even if you haven’t read the books. But if you have, there’s a whole new layer in the experience that’s just fantastic.


Witcher 2 story was so good, it should never be skipped. :(


Yes, but we live in an imperfect world where we have to convince people to even play Witcher 3.