Steam Thanksgiving Sale Damage Thread


Thanks for all the Witcher tips. I think you guys are right. I should at least starts and finished Witcher 2, which has been in my backlog for a few months before venturing into Witcher 3. Oh, how I wish I had the time I had when I in my teens…


I had no idea what the fuck was going on in Witcher 2.


Man, I didn’t comment on this since I though the consensus advice you were getting was to not bother with Witcher 2 :(

Time has not been kind to W2; I already found it basically unplayable around the W3 release. And it’s not at all necessary for enjoying W3. Please do not feel that you have to play W2 first, especially if time is limited.


Right, W3 is open enough that you can cruise around working out what’s going on. W2 is much more constrained as I recall, as it tells you its story its way, involving some awkward sections and a bit of clunk here and there, especially in the beginning.


Am I dumb for thinking about purchasing Rimworld, a title that’s not on sale, during the Steam Thanksgiving sale? It won’t go on sale for a long time, if ever. And given what I know of it, I think the odds are quite high I’ll play it a lot. And I guess I’d rather spend normal price money on a game I’m going to play then buy a bunch of bargain games that’ll sit in my backlog forever. I know that’s a heresy but it is what it is.


I got three that I’ve had my eye on for some time:

  • Bomber Crew - If Bruce could get over the cartoony graphics, I figured I could too without losing any nerd street cred. It’s a bit frantic for my taste, but I think I like it.
  • Solar Settlers - I saw this on the stream so I knew what I was getting into. I expect this to be my go to game for when I have 30 minutes of downtime.
  • Quadrilateral Cowboy - I was afraid this would just be some kind of hipster nonsense, but it’s got coding puzzles in it, and I love those.

I think the odds are quite high I’ll play it a lot.

If you like Rimworld you will end up playing it for dozens or even hundreds of hours. I regret most of the games I buy, but I’ve never for a moment thought Rimworld wasn’t worth every penny.


No you are not dumb. It’s an awesome frigging game. Highly recommended! It’s one of the best hours of entertainment per dollar spent ratios out there - and that’s before any discount.


My damage:
Divinity: Original Sin
Expeditions: Conquistador
The Deadly Tower of Monsters
Stories: The Path of Destinies
Age Of Gladiators
Forced Showdown


My Turkey Weekend damage so far:

Virgina @ Amazon Store
Far Cry Primal Apex Edition @ Humble Store
Northgard @ Humble Store
Dead Cells @ Humble Store


Well, I dropped $120 on Sims 4 expansions and game packs, mostly for my daughter to play with but I have to say, it’s pretty darn fun and relaxing to get back into.

I also grabbed Heat Signature and that’s really good so far!

Far Cry Primal for $20 has been the thing I’ve gotten the most out of at this point, and it’s been great!


Exceptional choice.


Friends, if I might make a suggestion, this is possibly the finest space game released this year, just had some free DLC, and is a mere $7. It’s super good.


Absolutely seconded, assuming you have a thing for the glorious agregating minigames packed strategy games of yore, in the fashion of Microprose or EA glory days (the art and font will make you feel right at home too!).



So far the damage for me has been the above, Command: Modern, which I think I’m too stupid to play, and far cry primal which I’m genuinely enjoying in survival mode.


But … but … it’s only 30% off!!!


I love you guys.


OK, so in the last few days I picked up:

MGS V: The Phantom Pain from Humble Store, a hair over 12 bucks.
Wolfenstein II from DLGamer because it dropped to 24 and I was really jonesing for it
and just today Forza Horizon 3 standard ed. because the price on Amazon finally dropped to 30 bucks.*

*buying stuff from Amazon and and installing said stuff from the Windows store is bananas unintuitive. Thank goodness for Amazon’s clear directions.

P.S.: Almost forgot–Also picked up Prey from one place or another (GMG, maybe) because they had a voucher which brought the price down to 17 bucks.


What I bought so far:

World of Final Fantasy (Steam, not on sale; it just came out on PC)
Helium Rain (Steam, and I blame @BrianRubin for that one)
Pathfinder Adventures: A Fighter’s Tale (Steam)

And… that’s it. There’s a small chance I’ll pick PvZ: GW2 on Origin, but I’m waiting for a 66% or 75% sale, and it’s at 50% now.


Yourrrreeeeeeeee welcome.


I bought Rim World!