Steam Thanksgiving Sale Damage Thread


But… no… my budget…

Okay, I give in. But I swear, I’m lashing myself to the mast and putting in ear plugs. This haul should be enough to last me into next year.


Great choice… it is a fun little game … maybe not little… but it is fun !


I tried to play Witcher 2 but got bored after 2-3 hours, when you break out of jail and landed in your first town. That tutorial/introduction with the siege already tested my patience and the rudderless town is the last straw.

Having said that I played Witcher 3 and love love love it. I just wiki all those plot points I missed in Witcher 2 and move right on.



Actually, that’s exactly where I stopped too. And months later when I returned to the game, I’ve forgotten the controls, lol. Perhaps this is a great excuse to start Witcher 3. It looks more pretty that W2, that’s for sure.


Just brought Elite Dangerous to further justify my Oculus Rift purchase. I’m not too sure about it yet. The feeling of being in the cockpit is very cool, but I’m not sure I found the combat training very fun (and failed miserably in the advanced combat training once it was 2v1.) My 6 minute ordeal to dock wasn’t great either; I normally have decent VR legs, but my hapless flailing about + the rotation of the space station made me slightly queasy.

I’m glad I passed on the expansion pass for the moment. For under $20 maybe it’ll be worth for the occasional space tourism. Or maybe I’ll refund it and get Gorn instead.


I’ve never experienced ED in VR (I hear it’s quite something) but do you mean that the station’s spinning as seen from outside was making you queasy? Because unless you’ve changed a default setting, once you’re in the slot your ship automatically matches the rotation of the station.


Classical allusion ahoy! Nice. Took me a while to recognize it.


Just refund it before it’s too late and you realize that pointless, boring grind is all this game has.


NieR: Automata (9 hours played already, I luv it), completed my BraingoodGames collection, Star Wars packs for Pinball FX


I got off pretty lightly on Steam, but in the last 12 hours I bought a new monitor and two 8TB hard drives.


What’s your control system?


And you aren’t going to tell us which monitor?


My damage thus far is minimal:

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier for $10
Crookz for $2.99
DLC for This War of Mine for $1.99

Since purchasing:

I played through TWD. It was completed in an underwhelming 7 hours.
I tried Crookz but the controls are so terrible and unintuitive that I returned it.
The Father’s Promise DLC for This War of Mine is simply awful. It removes all choice from the game.

I chose poorly.


Why do you need two massive drives?? Boggle!


A Dell U2414H. It was modestly discounted for Black Friday, but even without the discount it was massively cheaper than the 2415 and and 2515 I’ve been eyeing for a while, so it was a bit of a no brainer. The capacitor whine on my current second monitor is driving me nuts.

For the NAS I’m getting separately. Was planning to go 6TB, but the capacity/price ratio jumped substantially at the 8TB level., so I figured why not?


NAS…? Really?

I am calling game addiction! :))

It’s OK, you are among friends here.


Only a 2 drive NAS? Put your big boy panties on and go for a 4 drive like me.


I was weak and ended up buying all but the newest EUIV expansion. Not all at once mind you, but one at a time throughout the holiday as I tried a few different starts. I finally had some time to start to learn it and got a bit hooked.

I also picked up Nex Machina as I liked Alienation. Not sure when I will try it out.


The NAS is 4-bay, but I’m starting out with 2 drives.


From Steam, just some DLC for Assetto Corsa.

But I also bought Divinity: Original Sin and This War of Mine from GoG. And Prey from GMG.

Also bought a new racing wheel. That’s more than enough to keep me occupied for now.