Steam Thanksgiving Sale Damage Thread


So far I’ve only bought
Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
Wolfenstein II: The Freedom Chronicles
Horizon Zero Dawn (as Christmas present for me)
Uncharted 4 (as Christmas present for me)

There are still a number I’m thinking about, but with the backlog I can wait further until their price comes down or they are in a bundle. For once I’d like to be able to get the Humble Monthly.

Lords of Waterdeep
Kingdoms and Castles
Pinball FX3 Bethesda Pinball
Vietnam '65

There are some that I want more, but their price is higher so I’ll hold off for now.


I added Mad Max for under $7 this morning (PC). Hoping to get some fun out of this Monday.


Surprisingly for me, all I bought is Star Fleet Armada: Rogue Adventures. And that was not from the Steam sale.

I looked at GORN but probably wait to see the next sale since I have plenty I’m playing atm.




Just bought Fallout 4 GOTY from CDKeys.

I need to stop looking at deals. I have more then enough in my backlog as it is.


Looks like I’m escaping with only DoK Complete for under $20. Matrix will manage to get something out of me later, but the price tag on that remains to be seen. Everything else is getting ignored.


May I inquire what is dissimulating behind this abbreviation?


Dach Organisationen Konferenz, obviously.

Unless it’s Dowództwo Okręgu Korpusu, which is also possible.

Almost certainly not Duesseldorfer Optik Kontor or (lolz) Duursport Organisatie Kempen!


I bet D stands for Dungeon. Most games these days have the word Dungeon in them. Unless he’s talking about Homeworld. Then it stands for Desert.


Deserts. Specifically those of Kharak.


Geez, we’ll see you this time next year when you only start to think about playing other games again! I hope you have a great time with EU4.


Picked up:

Tower of Time

Next Jump: Shmup Tactics

We’ll see how they play!


Excellent choice.


My only purchase has been the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Digital Deluxe Edition. I reckon it won’t get much better than 85% off.


I’ve been mostly looking at my backlog, and pretending they are games that I can buy. It’s worked out pretty well so far.


I picked up the Utopia DLC for Stellaris, since I was going to do it sometime. I was also really close to picking up Elite: Dangerous along with that Oculus bundle on Amazon, but a careful examination of my finances convinced me that it wouldn’t be prudent at this juncture.


I got:

Wolfenstein II Deluxe (incl DLC)

All from Xbox Live.

Uncharted Collection

Still tempted by Abzu, Recore, Prey, Agents of Mayhem and Rock Band Rivals bundle. I don’t have time for those though.


Buy a docking computer. Seriously, it should be your first purchase. Your fun will increase significantly after you dont need to worry about docking any more.


I was checking online deals for docking computers. I need help.


Lol! Sorry, I should have been clearer!