Steam Trading Thread


Since games can now be traded on Steam, seems like it might be useful to have a thread where people can coordinate trades. To start us off, I have a small giveaway, a copy of the OddBox (first 2 OddWorld games) and a copy of Tidalis. First come, first serve, but you gotta have over 50 posts.

Giveaway thread!
Steam Summer Sale 2014 - Gems / Hot Deals / Take Ma' Money

I have three copies of Dogfighter that I am willing to give away to Qt3ers with more than 50 posts, as well. The first three that post here to claim them will get them.

EDIT: All three copies are gone.


Before someone asks:
Trading Games


Is Dogfighter any good? Anyone play the multiplayer?


Sure, Otagan, I’d like to give Dogfighter a try. Thanks in advance.


I can’t vouch for it either way. I picked up a four pack because I expected to give the copies to a few friends of mine, but then they all ended up getting the game in those holiday indie packs they put up, so now I have three copies sitting around that could be played by someone. Better on an account being used than sitting in my inventory, at least.

Once you accept my request, I’ll send it over.


If your Oddbox needs a home still, I’m tciecka on Steam :D


Bah, this only works for bullshit TF2 hats, and games which are explicitly purchased as gifts.

I’d love to get rid of my Steam copy of RAGE which I hated and will never play again, but apparently that’s impossible?


Yeah, I have a couple of hats I wouldn’t mind trading for some cheap games but really, you can only trade games bought as a gift, sucks.


It’s a good way to swap extra copies of games you already own (from preorder incentives, for example) for something new that you can actually use.

Still have one copy of Dogfighter, by the way.


Hi Otagan, I’ll try dogfighter if you’re still offering it:


I have two giftable copies of Sanctum if anyone wants to trade.


OK, I have the following:

  • Portal (I guess everyone has played this by now) <taken>
  • Red Faction: Guerrilla (which is awesome) <taken>

Both free to whoever wants them, just PM me with your steam email address so I can fill out the “gift this to this person” form properly.


wumpus can i have red faction guerilla ? my steam id is thanx ;)


Wumpus rules!


You can trade Steam games now? Madness!


I also have:

  • one copy of Battlefield 2: Bad Company <taken>
  • one copy of Serious Sam Second Encounter HD <taken>

PM me if you want them, and include your email address so I can gift it to you


wumpus for president!


I have 1 x Frozen Synapse left, first PM with email gets it.


Final Dogfighter (finally) sent to drbob.