Steam Trading Thread


You don’t have anything I’d be interested in unfortunately.

I really want tog et rid of the coupons, though.


I’m looking for the trade achievement but all I have is coal & a worthless coupon. Would love to complete a trade for a game if someone is generous or just worthless coupon for worthless coupon if someone else wants to complete a trade.

dbonar on steam



Shattered Horizon
Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West
Defense Grid: The Awakening

25% OFF Valve (Valid January 2nd, 2012 through March 1st, 2012)
50% OFF Nail’d (Valid January 2nd, 2012 through March 1st, 2012)

My steam ID is mcscurvy. Let’s move some product.


OK, now I also have

50% OFF Poker Night at the Inventory


Sent - I have been gifted Frozen Synpse by another kind Qt3er so send back FS or anything else you fancy (but not another %-off voucher, please!).


Heh, got a nice gift for recommending a game today, so far it’s:

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
50% Valve
50% Alien Breed Impact
25% Ubisoft
25% idSoftware
and 4 coals.

I’m after more coals or… yeknow… Skyrim.


I have Rig N Roll, Renegade Ops (3 copies), and Defcon for trade.

Looking for Terraria, Disciples 3 Resurrection, EYE, or best offer.


Defcon for The Ship?


Oh, I’m Tiny_Pirate, not two underscores-that will teach me for posting from the iphone!


If that includes the single player part of the ship, sure.


Ok so I have:

Half life 2
25% off valve * 2
50% of worms ulitmate mayhem
3 coal

My steam name is harry_horse

I wouldnt mind a copy of sacred 2 (if someone is feeling super generous) but am happy to flick these off for whatever


I just got “World Basketball Manager 2010” - trade for games?


Ok, I still have Rig N Roll and 2 copies of Renegade Ops. Somebody has to be willing to get Terraria for $2.50 to get to play a game that lets you simulate being an truck driver in the near future!


If anybody wants a 50% off coupon for Storm: Frontine Nation, I will part with it. Xemu is the only person on my friends list who claims to want the game. Steam name is roberdjp.


I have coupons!

50% Konami
66% Two Worlds 2
2x Valve 50%
Valve 33%
33% idSoftware
50% Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee
33% Warhammer 40,000, Space Marine
25% THQ
50% Space Pirates and Zombies
50% Grid
33% Might and Magic Heroes VI

I would probably do the whole lot for around 5 coal!

steam id is tuanduay!


I have 50% off Operation Flashpoint: Red River. No need for trade, just someone who might want the game.


I’ve still got a copy of Portal for trade too.


I’ve gotten 9 straight pieces of coal. At least it’s consistent!


I got my first game! The Wonderful End of the World. I’d trade it.


I guess this is relevant here since I’d take coal or other games. I’m no longer interested in TF2 and I’d like to clear out my inventory. I don’t think there’s anything special in there but if you see something you want, PM me.