Steam Trading Thread


Anyone want Train Simulator 2012 for Solar 2 or Aaaaa for the Awesome?


I would probably like train sim, but doubt I have anything worth trading.


Could pick up a tradeable copy of Solar 2 for $2.50, that’d make Train Sim cheaper than it was during a daily deal.


If it’s Railroads Train Simulator 2012, i’ll do that trade!


If Tuan doesn’t get there first I will pick up Solar 2 as suggested. :)


Sorry Tuan, since Calistas showed interest at first I’ll give 'em first crack at it.


Oh no problems, but if he doesn’t get it my steam id is: /tuanduay.


Send me a PM if you still want a copy of The Ship. Have one left.




I’ve got:

25% off Valve coupon
50% Valve coupon
33% Paradox coupon

I’d like to dump my coupons, if I could, for coal at the very least.


This for some coal?

Steam handle is csl_ggoo


got Left 4 Dead 2, anyone want to trade for coal or if you’re feeling generous, a game?


Hi all, I have atom zombie smasher , 25% square enix , 25% sega for trade , 50% flightcontrolHD , 50% valve and 50% grand theft auto complete for trade


Add a Brink 50% coupon to that.

And the coal is up to 5.


Steam isn’t loading up names; want to friend me? same tag as on the forums.

Is there anything I’ve got that would be tempting for you? I’d like L4D2.


ahahaha steam just crashed


how about for free or for 1 coal :)


yeh, i can’t search for game tags on it … i guess the new gift pile is getting everyone to check steam



The paradox coupon goes to CSL for a coal;
I’m trading a coal to AquaMafia for L4D2 (or something else, if he wants it).

Right? Cool. As soon as steam starts working again…


friend requests sent. I have to go to the dentist in an hour or two, but I should be on the rest of tonight.