Steam Trading Thread


I’ve got a few pieces of coal, and a free copy of Torchlight. Torchlight is awesome and all, but I suspect that most have this by now. Anyone care to make an offer, feel free to send me a message!


Added you, I’ll be playing LoL but I’ll check steam once in a while.

still got valve 25% and dwarfs?! 50% if anyone is interested


Still have Atom Zombie Smasher? I’m interested.


Day of Defeat Source
Valve 33%
Sam & Max Complete 50%
Anomaly: Warzone Earth 50%
Brink 50%
5 coal

My current inventory. Does anyone want the game? I’ll give it and the coupons away for coal.


I have:

-50% Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
-50% Homefront
-33% GSCGames (S.T.A.L.K.E.R., etc)
-50% CyanWorlds (Myst, etc.)
-50% BunchOfHeroes

Don’t know what I want. I could go for a couple more coal to secure another gift, and preferably another game. I’m not sure. PM me.


Yupyup I still have atom zombie smasher available for trade


I’d take it off your hands. How much coal?


How about three coal?


I have Dirt 3 if anyone’s interested. I’d take just about anything that’s neat or awesome. Especially the Sins of a Solar Empire Trinity pack that’s been released. Or Arkham City. Or Skyrim. Or a bucket filled with gold

Aw man, I PMed you about L4D2 two days ago.

Oh wells.


Like many others, I have 2 copies of The Ship/The Ship Single Player to give away.


Go tothe ship thread, there is a list of people who want/need a copy.


Anyone wants a 50% of Costume Quest ticket?



In other news, the copy of L4D2 I neatly lifted under bahimiron’s nose let me get a challenge today - the end result of which was:

50% Anomaly: Warzone Earth

Anybody want it?


Have: Men of War Vietnam, or X3 Gold (X3 Reunion and Terran Conflict)

Want: Dungeon Siege 3 Treasures of the Sun


whoops, i completely forgot about PM’s … never check them … sry!! (you’ll get dibs if I get anymore freebies, promise!)


In all seriousness, my bad, bahimiron. If I had known I would have gracefully bowed out. Let me know if you see anything you like over the next few days, I think I owe you a nice coupon at the very least.


I’d go for that Dirt3. I’ll buy you L4D2 and give you a bunch of useless coupons. Maybe Sins Trinity well. Was that a daily yet?


That hasn’t been a daily deal, I been watchin’. And holy cats, sold!

My username is Bahimiron.


Imma gonna wait to see about Trinity. If it doesn’t go to 50% then you’re getting a pile of useless coupons instead. :)


I have the following Steam items in my inventory:

The Ship - 2 Pack Gift (x2)
Holiday Coal (x4)
50% OFF Nuclear Dawn
75% OFF Aliens vs. Predator
25% OFF bitComposer

PM me or hit me up on Steam if you’re interested in trading.