Steam Trading Thread


Have the following exciting options for trade:
Half-life 2 Ep 2
Coal x6
-25% Valve

Tempting to get just one more achievement for another coal and transmute or whatever, but 7 coal is probably worth a lot more than another coupon :P Steam name same as here (or PM)


I have the following Steam items in my inventory (additions since last entry in bold):

The Ship - 2 Pack Gift (x2)
Holiday Coal (x4)
50% OFF Nuclear Dawn
75% OFF Aliens vs. Predator
25% OFF bitComposer
[B]50% OFF Alien Breed 3: Descent[/B]

PM me or hit me up on Steam if you’re interested in trading.


I’ve got these if anyone wants them

25% off Valve
50% off Shattered Horizon
50% off Eufloria
25% off Bethesda

Steam name is same as my username.


Looking for a Deus Ex HR coupon (Eidos, Sqeenix perhaps)


Let’s make a deal here to finish the Xmas sale strong:

First to post to this thread gets it

I’m offering Rig N Roll, Renegade Ops, and a -50% off Fear 3 coupon in exchange for Fallout New Vegas ($5 in today’s sale).


I don’t want/need any of those games, but I do want to post and say thanks to nife2o4 for trading me a copy of Renegade Ops yesterday. Thanks!


That sounds like a nice thought, I’ve got Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood(and some coupons) in exchange for The Missing Link DLC for DE:HR.


and I’ll say thanks too to Dr Killinger and Calistas for trading with me yesterday :)


Hey guys, I have 6 coal and am looking for one more. Anyone have an extra? I’m edible_weasel on Steam.


well a very kind friend (thanks Kalle!) gifted me New Vegas, but I’ll leave the offer out there - Rig N Roll, Renegade Ops and a -50% Fear 3 coupon for something.


I’ll trade you your choice of Half-Life 2, Puzzle Agent, Frozen Synapse, or Napoleon: Total War for Renegade Ops.


Anyone interested in -50% Valve, -50% Bastion or -50% F12011? I’m basically looking to trade anything, mainly to get the trading objective on the gift pile. If interested, my Steam username is gutenbergn.


Unfortunately I already own all of those that I’d want.


I have a copy of [B]Storm: Frontline Nations[/B] that belongs in a more deserving home.

Looking for Bastion, Atom Zombie Smasher, AAAaaa Reckless Disregard for Gravity or anything off the wishlist ( Or 7 coal for another spin of the roulette wheel.


I have the following available:

Half Life 2
Portal 2
Rome: Total War Gold
Flight Control HD

25% Batman: Arkham City
33% Timegate (Kohan, Section 8)
50% Portal 2
50% Homefront
25% Meridian 4 (Syberia, Robin Hood)
50% Strongbads Cool Game…
25% Valve (Ooooooo…)


I have

-50% Payday: The Heist
-33% bitComposer
-25% Squeenix
-25% THQ
-50% Dungeons of Dredmor
Runaway 2
Halflife 2
Halflife 2 Ep1

Will trade anything but Runaway for coal.


Updated I have:


-50% shogun 2
-25% Konami
-50% Silent Hill: Homecoming
-50% Darwinia
-50% Rush
-25% Serious Sam 3
-50% Shattered Horizon
-50% From Dust
-50% Back to the Future
-50% Terraria


I have:

[B]half life 2[/B]
1 coal% off left 4 dead 2
50% off worms ultimate mayhem
50% off Il-2 storms of dover

free to a good home


steam name is harry_horse


A free coupon for someone who will use them:
50% Cogs, Gemini Rue, Oddworld: Abe, Wings of Prey
25% Sega, Squeenix, Valve

Free guest pass for Killing Floor, for anyone already on my friends list or doing a trade. I think it lasts a day or three. That also includes a holiday achievement you might be able to get with it.

Games to swap for other games:
Dungeons of Dredmor
Storm: Frontline Nations (Man Raised By Puffins a few posts above’d be cheaper)

These three extras from a bundle you can still purchase,
Zombie Shooter 1
Zombie Shooter 2

And a few coals too. No luck with my crafting… a $1 game I already had & gave away, and a 50% off another $1 game I already had.


I’ll give you coal for the 25% Squeenix