Steam Trading Thread


I also wound up with a spare copy of XCOM from preordering BI. Anyone looking for one?

Off the top of my head, I know I’m looking for Fallen Enchantress, Heroes VI, Disciples Reincarnation, King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North, Unity of Command, Defender’s Quest, Don’t Starve, or SotS: The Pit, but would be open to other possibilities depending on what you have.

Also have bonus copies of BioShock 1 and The Darkness 2 that I’d be happy to trade if anyone’s looking for either of them.


Boojum, try and trade in


Thanks, I’ll go make a post there, since nobody seems to be interested here.


Yeah. It’s quite a good community there. The only problem is that the price is pretty competitive!


Got a bunch o crap to trade if anyone bought a 4 pack of Monaco and has a copy to share!
Everquest Starter Kit
Section 8: prejudice
Terraria x2
E.Y.E x2
Payday The Heist x2
The Darkness 2 x2
Shoot Many Robots x2
Super Hexagon
DOTA2 x2
Dino D Day x3


Is this the CAG steam trading thread you referenced Habibi?


Yes, I made a few trades, purchases and sale myself.


Anyone want Nuclear Dawn and/or a 75% off Shogun Total War coupon for something?


Bumpage for summer sale:
Terraria x2
Section 8 x1
Payday the heist x2
E.Y.E. x2
Shoot Many Robots x2
Dino D Day x2
Defiance x1

Dead island riptide


Half life 2
Half life 2 episode one
king’s bounty: The Legend
Natural Selection 2

Don’t Starve
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion
Kerbal Space Program
Sanctum 2



Half Life 2 (but who doesn’t?)
Dangerous Waters
Civilization IV


Don’t Starve
Dead Rising 2



Alot of cards


Don’t Starve
They Bleed Pixels
Super Meat Boy
Binding of Isaac


My defiance for someone’s Sins of a solar empire, anyone?


[U][B]Extra cards I have:[/B][/U]
[B]Binding of Issac [/B]– VI The Lovers
[B]Faster Than Light [/B]– Engi Cruiser
[B]Gratuitous Space Battles [/B]– Swarm
[B]Left 4 Dead 2 [/B]– Jockey
[B]Magicka[/B] – Water
[B]Offspring Fling! [/B]– The Mighty Dinobaus
[B]Sid Meier’s Civilization V [/B]– Science
[B]Team Fortress 2 [/B]– Scout
[B]Terraria [/B]– The Underworld
[B]Summer Getaway Sale[/B] - (Torchlight 3x)

[B]Cards I Still Need:[/B]
[B]Borderlands 2[/B] - (Maya, Handsome Jack, Gaige)
[B]Eador[/B] - (Dryad, Griffin, Hound, Minotaur, Thief)
[B]Summer Getaway Sale[/B] – (Bioshock Infinite, Football Manager, Kerbal Space Program, Reus)


I can swap trading cards 1:1 (within the same game) with anyone who gets duplicates and wants to finish their set. Just add me and say hello when I’m online. :)

You can see what I’ve got here:

1 card each: ~150 DotA2 cosmetic items.
To see all of them available for this price, click Inventory then Dota 2. Advanced Filters, select Common. This includes the Player Cards, but not the items after them.

I also have a copy of Binary Domain I’d trade for (Dead Island original or Mount and Blade Warband) + a handful of trading cards.


Last day of sale bumpage:
Terraria x2
Section 8 x1
Payday the heist x2
E.Y.E. x2
Shoot Many Robots x2
Dino D Day x2
Defiance x1
Monaco x1
Sonic Racing x2

Dead Island Riptide
Sins of a Solar Empire: rebellion


I have

Crusader Kings 2
Kings Bounty the Legend


Rogue Legacy
Prison Architect


A few changes!

Last day of sale bumpage:
Terraria x2
Section 8 x1
Payday the heist x2
E.Y.E. x2
Shoot Many Robots x2
Dino D Day x2
Defiance x1
Sonic Racing x1
Sins of a Solar Empire x3

Dead Island Riptide


I have a copy of Borderlands 2 that I’d be love to trade for Shadowrun Returns. If you’ve been looking to pick it up on steam, I think it actually works out cheaper to go down the “trade with Delta” route.


I’ve got the extra three games in a single key from the Deep Silver humble bundle: Metro 2033, Risen and Sacred Citadel.

As I already own Metro 2033 and Risen I’m wondering if anyone wants to trade with me for the three games. Just Cause 2 and Dishonored are two games I’m interested in, but I also take suggestions.