Steam Winter Sale 2018


I don’t think anyone is sure. It’s not spelled out anywhere, from what I can see…


You can’t refund too many games anyway, as it is your right in a lot of countries. Doesn’t hurt for them to try to put you at unease, I guess, excepting they sound like asses.

Edit: that warning may be location tied, maybe? I’d say i refund half my purchases, and have never gotten the warning, but my account is tied to the European storefront.


Rimworld and Shadow Tactics refunded?

Outstanding games IMO. Can I ask what you didn’t like about them?


Perhaps. I’m in the US.


Shadow Tactics didn’t recognize a couple of my wired 360 controller buttons when playing as the second guy I recruited early on, even though they worked fine with the main dude.

And I disagreed with some Rimworld stuff I don’t like seeing shoved in my face.


Bought myself:

Slay the Spire (from GMG)
Vermintide 2 DLC (from GameBillet)
The Room 1 & 2 (to play with the wife)

Bought for me by generous friends:

Monster Hunter World
Assassin’s Creed: Origins
Strange Brigade
Far Cry 5 (Refunded due to moronic co-op design)


Nothing for me from Steam but I did pick up Lone Echo from the Oculus Store.

Not only do I have other games I bought to think about, but the freebies are now also mounting up to discourage new purchases. The freebie version of Destiny 2, Sins of A Solar Empire: Rebellion, What remains of Edith Finch… If this keeps up I might just not pay for games ever.


From Origin:

Command and Conquer Complete Collection (13ish bucks)
Titanfall 2 (5 bucks)
Star Wars Battlefront 2 (5 bucks) (the bad one)
Sims 4 (5 bucks)

From Steam:
Buzzy’s Let’s Explore The Airport - (2 bucks) (Don’t @ me, was a childhood PC game)
Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics - (10 bucks)
Slay the Spire (12 bucks)
House Flipper (15 bucks)
Valkyria Chronicles (7 bucks)
Endless Legend (10 bucks)
Farm Togehter (16 bucks) - I might end up refunding this one, I don’t know why I bought it. It looks pretty.


Only 2 purchases.

Flaming Cliffs 3, and A-10C for DCS world. I just got a new HOTAS and I’ve been wanting to play A-10C Warthog since it came out. I haven’t played any serious flight sims since the old Janes, so this is all pretty daunting.




Wow, I forgot I already owned Overload via Twitch Prime.

I was making a list of VR games for when I buy a headset in the future. By the time I get there I’ll own half of them for free.


Overload has VR support? Descent was the only game I played that ever made nauseous. Adding in VR sounds like an amazing idea if I ever need to vomit but don’t have ipecac handy


To my surprise, I get motion sickness from my Rift and found that ginger gum/chews do the trick for a cheap, easy, non-medicinal solution.


I am extremely motion sensitive, and I also used to get sick from playing those early faux-3D games like Dark Forces for too long. Fez also made me ill, with its constant background whirling. I got lightheaded playing Resident Evil 4! Something about the FOV. To my great astonishment, I did not get sick when I tried VR, not even playing House of the Dying Sun, which was good fun.


To be clear VR never makes me sick, not even the tiniest bit of nausea unless my movement is divorced from my viewpoint. So joystick movement is right out unless I am in a cockpit, which reduces but not eliminates the issue.

Descent was 6 degrees of motion in ways that made sick without VR so while I will give it a try I am expecting to NOPE right out after 5 seconds.


Strangely I am enjoying it so far, only 6 mission in though.


Ever played a Creeper World game before?


It’s okay to enjoy Particle Fleet. I know I did. Sure, it’s not as good as Creeper World 3, but that’s a high bar to clear in the first place.


No , none of them.

So if I am starting with the worst one, I am in for a treat! ;)


It’s also just very - different. Not in what I regard as a good way. I wish very much that custom ships had point limits. Without that, I just don’t see the point.