Steam Winter Sale Damage Thread


Thanks for the tip! I needed a mic so I just ordered that bundle myself. :)


I’d be interested to hear what you think of this one. Seems pretty cool and will probably get it at some point. There’s no complicated combos, right?


I picked up Falcon 4.0 for $3.49, just so I could install BMS on it.


Helldivers and DLC on the list now, for $20. It’s brilliant, and that probably wraps up my sale purchases.


I didn’t, no. The Zubmarine bit wasn’t really discounted that much, and I figured I might aswell try ‘vanilla’ first. Was that a bad call? I can still get a refund on it and wait for a better offer on the bundle in the future if the expansion is essential… (like I said: what I bought now will probably see me through next year anyway).


For myself, I have bought little things.

Twilight Struggle for my iPad: it works, and it’s beautiful. I am surprised at how evocative the game is through its gameplay. Sometimes, the majority is actually right?! GASP

Bohemian Killing on PC, a game I learned first about from a giveaway on one of Tom’s streams, and which has intrigued me since then. It is really atmospheric and… unusual, to say the least - it seems half the reviewers on Steam couldn’t accept that you are the murderer and aren’t going to timetravel your way out of it. I experienced issues with the controls on a non-standard keyboard, but the author told me he will fix it with a patch early next year.

And, well, Antihero should be part of this basket too, I guess!

I am still eyeing N++, Opus and, as in every sale, Chaos Reborn… Well, not Chaos Reborn anymore, as some awesome British Santa came in.


Yeah, a definite maybe from me also. It really clicked for me as I enjoyed exploring each hand crafted map and gradually increasing the power of my heroes through gear and abilities and trying to figure out how to advance as there is a pretty rigid path of power you need to follow through the game/maps. This can be a little frustrating as if you go in the wrong direction, you can quickly run into fights that are impossible.

If you can get past this and the many battles, ala Icewind Dale as Left_Empty mentions, there is a lot of good RPG goodness in there if it fits your taste.


That looks awesome… and sounds like a much better idea than me digging out my damn discs!


I keep throwing my money at the screen, but Steam won’t give me that one just yet.


I don’t know about Rogue Wizard but I totally bounced off of Halycon 6. I thought it wasn’t nearly deep enough gameplay wise.


No, not at all. I just happened to pick it up and was curious. Haven’t played it yet, myself.


Pinball FX2 tables: Earth Defense, Captain America, Mars, and Portal.

Total damage: $3.50.

Gonna be a pinball weekend.

Merry Christmas, everybody!



Thanks for the reminder. I need to pick up a few tables myself.



Can I just purchase Hexcells Infinite? Or is it worth it to get the pack of games? I never played any of the versions.


Get them all. The infinite levels aren’t bad but they’re not as good as the handcrafted levels, and hexcells is great so you’ll want all the levels you can get.




Thanks to you both!


Ordered a Steam Link. $8 for shipping, FYI. Really want to play Helldivers from the couch and I’m an Xbox person.


I wonder if Amazon still has the steam link, you can get free shipping from them if it is.


Bought all 3 for the ipad on Friday, wow what a great game. finished the 1st one already