Steamworld Dig 2, twice the Digging twice the Metroidvania.

I really enjoyed the first game, and have many regrets we never had a thread for it. So here is a thread for the 2nd game, but you can also talk about the first if you want! :D These developers also made the fantastic game Steamworld Heist!

Out this week on Nintendo Switch (Sept. 21) and PC (Sept. 22). The PS4/Vita versions can be yours starting on Sept 26 in America and Sept 27 in Europe. I didn’t see any mention of it on XBONE. DIG DEEPER my friends!

A few reviews, they seem to dig it! ;)

This game is really cool! Glad to see it gets a thread. The devs sent out this in a press release this morning:

Whatever it is, it’s got to be better than getting ripped out by Peter Molyneux!

I see what you did there.


I enjoyed the first Steamworld Dig too but found it a little on the, I dunno, safe and conservative side. It was never especially challenging or particularly surprising. It was very pretty and quietly charming, and had a satisfying enough gameplay loop to keep me playing but by the end I was happy to be done with it.

Steamworld Heist, which I played earlier this year, was so bloody good though. I hope Dig 2 is as good as their last effort!

I really enjoyed the first game on the PS4 and Vita, so I’m happily downloading this for my Switch. Seems like the perfect fit for that system.

This is how I felt too, about both games - Dig and Heist. Dig was a decent and charming time filler, and I liked it more than I would guess - but I could have used something with a bit more challenge or pushback to it.

Aw man, not on 3DS? That sucks!

Can I jump straight into the sequel if I didn’t play the first?

Cannot wait to play this tonight :-D

I wouldn’t see why not… Or you could play the first game and see if you like it, then get the second game.

First game is still free over on Origin

It was actually already out on Switch as you typed that! Here at least. For once…

Sweet game, and a reasonable price too. :)

It’s going to be tough to decide between playing this and playing more Metroid: Samus Returns on my 3DS tonight.

What a great “problem” to have!

Aw man, I want that. How is it?

It’s so unbelievably good. I expected it to be a nice remake of an under appreciated Gameboy game, but it turns out it’s one of the most expansive 2D metroid games ever, with a bunch of new and refreshing ideas, and some really satisfying boss fights. There are only a few minor ways in which this feels like a remake instead of a brand new modern Metroid game. I’ll make a thread for it sometime.

Anyway, I bought Steamworld Dig 2! Played it for only 20 minutes so far but man is it gorgeous docked and in 1080p.

Had no idea this was coming but I love these dig-type games. First one was great - looks like the sequel doesn’t hit PS4 until the 26th though.

I have the first one on steam, and I generally love digging games, but something about the movement on the first one felt really clunky to me, so I didn’t get into it. Played Heist on iOS and enjoyed that. Wanted to like dig too.

I just have such a feeling of goodwill for this studio. Their art and writing is so charming, and their designs are always this strange combination of nostalgic and unique. Can’t wait to play Dig 2.

Yeah, this is why I ratcheted the difficulty up on Heist. Don’t think Dig allowed you to tweak the difficulty. The added challenge drew a lot of the nuanced design and synergies out in characters’ gear and abilities, the enemies, aiming and their movement. There was nothing quite as satisfying as pulling off a timed heist and just managing to narrowly escape on your last turn because you saw a specific combo of moves to get you there. Awesome.

I played Dig and Heist on my Vita so the Switch version of Dig 2 will be a great way of keeping the portability without sacrificing screen size (and the lush visuals)! Loving this device.

Yeah, Metroid is great. It’s my commute and bath game at the moment.

You’re brave, Ginger.

Thread is here…