Steamworld Dig 2, twice the Digging twice the Metroidvania.

Done, with 100% completion. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that in a game.

That last thing was so gosh damn hard. Took me a few hours of near-ragequits over the last two days, and I only finished it with half a heart left. I’m glad the game offers further self-imposed difficulties, but I don’t think I’ll be partaking.

Fantastic game.

Echoing what people have said here already, this is an excellent game. I think after Zelda and Mario, this is the most enjoyable game I’ve played on my Switch this year. That said, I wish the ending was a tad bit easier. The difficulty curve was pretty shallow up until then, and I’m afraid I’ll end up quitting before I finish it.

I picked it up when it went on sale last week and burned through it within 24 hours. I don’t even remember the last time I couldn’t put a game down like this.

I didn’t find the difficulty too bad, and I thought it actually got easier as the game went on. Once I got the jet pack, I was able to maneuver around the map much easier, and considerably more so after upgrading it. After a bunch of defense upgrades (which are fairly cheap), taking damage seemed almost trivial. The final boss did take me a couple of tries.

Do you mean 100% it or just finish the story? Assuming you mean the latter, there were a couple of spots that were a pain because I hadn’t realized what I was supposed to be doing (if something seems impossibly hard, there’s a different way) and a couple that were outright tricky, but I’m pretty lousy at platformers and managed. Something in particular have you hung up?

I intended to just play several hours today and then move on to other games. My wife and son are away until tomorrow evening, so I have a lot of time. Many hours later I finished the game. It is really good. It doles out new obstacles, money and upgrades at just the right pace. Like the first game it is very charming.

While most of the game isn’t terribly difficult, there are many places that are easy to die in if I tried to push a little too far. A few of the challenge caves required some thought too, but there wasn’t any stumpers.

What did you 100%? If you did all of the achievements then that is pretty damn impressive. I don’t have the patience to attack those. I did 100% the caves, but not all of the secrets. It is a testament to how good the game is that I even went back to complete the caves as I usually don’t once I finish the story or campaign of a game.

I was playing on Switch, so I’m not actually sure what the achievements are! But I got all of the treasures and made sure there was a checkmark on every cave. That unlocks a super hard series of caves, and once I finished that, I considered myself done. I didn’t rerun it on hard mode or with any of the negative upgrades or anything like that.

So maybe not a true 100%. But I wanted to see everything my first playthrough had to offer.

Now that I know there are extra caves to unlock I decided to get get the treasures too. I’ve found all of the secrets except I’m 93% in Yarrow and I can’t find anything else. That is the worst area to try and explore too since it has a lot of that regenerating stuff. I have no idea where I’m missing something.

Edit: OK, now I have 100% but I’m missing 1 more artifact.I wonder what area I didn’t find everything.

Edit 2: OK found it. All I needed to do was come on here and complain and I found everything in 10 minutes.

Wow, some of those bonus cave missions are hard! The lava and buttons ones were pretty easy. The Skillfulness
(platforming) one I couldn’t complete. I only tried the bomb one a little and didn’t get that one either but I think maybe I could with some more tries.

The thing that made me give up on the caves is that you have to go through them all with one life bar. I don’t think I have the patience to master them to that level, but maybe someday.

I continue to make my way through this game, thanks to Game Pass for PC. This weekend I finally got the upgrade that gave me a fire pickaxe, which lets me move those giant robot things that were blocking my way in various places.

Now I was trying to remember where all I’ve seen those things. It’s so interesting to go back over old territory in this game. Sometimes you can’t reach areas you could reach before, because you dug too much soil, so you can’t reach certain places. But then you receive tools like the hookshot, and suddenly going back you realize that you now CAN reach certain areas again.

It’s all done so well, and it’s such a joy to play. And apologies to @Telefrog, but this has got to be the most visually stunning 2D game I’ve ever played.

So with Dig 2 on gamepass, I gotta finish the first game… I am shocked at how close I am to the end. I started playing it in 2014 and then again in 2017 and now I am nearing the end in 2019. It’s a really long game! D:

Also this spoiler from the 1st game:

That’s amazing. I didn’t catch that when I played it!

Finished up last night, onward to the next game.

I just finished Steamworld Dig 2. Such a great game. Maybe now I should track down the first game. Or one of the other Steamworld games, if they’re all this good.

Steamworld Heist us good too and very different.

Heist is one of my favourite games so I’d (obviously!) recommend it.

Aw, hells yes! This game has a hookshot! The best method of travel in video gaming, bar none. From Bionic Commando, to the Worms series, to the Just Cause games, every game is made better with a hookshot. Traversing in this game just got fifty times more better.

Check out The Messenger, too.

Oh, I should add: I started Steamworld Dig 2 a couple weeks ago. I knew I would like it, since I loved the first and I heard many great reviews. So it’s lived up to expectations, although I have to admit that like the first game, I have sort of flagged on it about 2/3rds (?) of the way through? I’m trying to get to three different machines in different parts of the underground… Is that close to the end and are there incredible things I’m missing if I don’t keep going?

Well hell yea, thanks for this.