Steamworld Heist - Cargo Commander meets Valkyria Chronicles with Space Cowbots?


Actually, yeah, this would be a really fun, possibly async, multiplayer game. Damn it @Left_Empty.


My problem with doing that is that:

  • a lot of the missions are time-limited (virtually or explicitly), making it difficult to waste turns setting up
  • many other missions (boss fights) are arenas, making it difficult to set up sniper locations safely
  • even setting up by a door is unreliable, because of the side-view. Your door can easily be positioned in such a way that the platforms block sight-lines to enemies, especially later when you’re restricted to hitting from behind, etc.

I don’t know that snipers are useless per se, just that it seems to me that they’re inefficient given the structure of the engine.


Aye, I’m a good 7-8 hours in so haven’t experienced the full thing yet. Will report back when the sniping doesn’t work out… :-)


I frequently had a sniper and found them to be useful - on experienced mode. I need to try out the DLC for this. Anyone play it yet?


I actually bought the DLC after I completed the game, but it isn’t a separate chunk of content really. It’s content thats scattered throughout the game (I think a new crew member and some new missions). I didn’t really feel like backtracking to find the content, so I didn’t actually play it. I suppose I should at some point. I think if you’re playing for the first time though, or re-playing from the beginngin anyways, its probably good content to add.


Hmm, that probably makes me less likely to play the DLC too since I completed the game. I am trying to be more open to revisiting games that I thought were good since that would probably lead to better overall gaming than playing something new that is questionable. So many games deserve some more play time.


I had bought the DLC almost right after getting the game, played it using it and didn’t notice it much, as it was totally integrated to the game progression. It is just an extra character with a weird power, basically, so I wouldn’t advise replaying the game to experience it if your intent isn’t to replay the game for its own sake.


So I’ve been playing on Veteran which is one notch off Elite and, damn, there are some seriously tough levels. I managed to kill the Red Queen yesterday (easily the most I’ve retried a level) and actually gave Piper a stale-and-shoot sniper rifle because I needed the added damage to dispatch the brutes and guarantee long range one shots. I boxed her in with a repair kit to offset any damage she received. Billy Gill is god damned amazing with his head butting melee skills (dual power knuckle fist thingies), blub. Seabrass I equipped with a titanium alloy or something that mends +1 damage (in addition to his natural +1 mend) so he was hardy as hell. My final character was Ivanka who just tanked damage and aggro-ed enemies in a pinch. It was a tense fight but we managed to nail it in the end.

I was hoping to finish this over the weekend so I could start (and binge) on Zelda yesterday but it continues to surprise and delight. The added difficulty reveals a layer of strategy that’s not apparent when you’re breezing through. Take for example additional damage from the flanking ability; you don’t have to position your steambot behind the enemy and shoot to gain the flank, you can deflect bullets to thwack them in the back and achieve the same result. The oil makes for some tricky situations, and I love the cover that pops up when you’re next to it; this really encourages you to consider the order in which you move your steambots to allow for line of sight.

Really great stuff.

Edit: oh and I can’t help but feel like Image & Form have got a potential X-COM/FTL-like goldmine here with the added boon of a robotic theme which would allow for proc-gen characters and scrap salvaging to construct and refit your crew. Pretty much all the parts are in place for a considerably more evergreen and expansive strategy/tactical roguelike experience. The prospect I find very exciting but, alas, 'tis just a dream.


Just finished this. What a fantastic game, from start to finish. Took me just over 28 hours on the second hardest difficulty with 49 failed missions/restarts (it didn’t feel like that many!). Matt Lees about summed up my thoughts. Felt damn near perfect.


Agreed. Phenomenal game that’s at the apex of its particular niche, imho.


Newb question: I can’t figure out how to progress beyond the first area, “The Outskirts.” I completed (I think) every battle I can but no new area has opened up. I have 22 out of 45 stars. Do I need to hit 45 stars to move on?


Yeah, I think you need a certain reputation to be able to access new areas. Try revisiting some missions with a view to not losing any crew.


This seems like a perfect match for the Switch but I don’t see any news of a planned release. There is a Steamworld Dig 2 planned I guess, what’s the difference between Heist and Dig?


Dig is totally different, can’t even compare them. You are digging, trying to get to lower, harder levels, collecting materials, single character, some simple platforming. I just doesn’t play like Heist at all.


Including the soundtrack.

Will do, thanks.


Should I get this for iOS or my 3DS?


A turn-based platformer. Interesting. I heard the next Assassin’s Creed is going to be like this.


iPad? iPhone? If the former, I’d say iOS. If the latter, then Nintendo. It’s fun on the iPad but my old man eyes and non-dexterous fingers can’t handle stuff like that on the iPhone.


Oh, big ol’ iPad, should’ve clarified. I think it’s cheaper there too, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to get bitten by any control problems or anything like that. Thanks!


No, it’s great on iPad.