Steamworld Heist - Cargo Commander meets Valkyria Chronicles with Space Cowbots?


How did I never know about this? Picked this up and it’s GOTY 2019 so far (think I’m toward the end of the Outskirts).

Just superbly done.


Oh did it come out on Switch this year? Been losing track of the releases. That might upset my Quarterly list because Heist is so damned good and I never got the opportunity to nominate it before…


I discovered it in 2019, thus it is GOTY 2019 ;)


Gotcha! A fine choice, carry on!


I’m spending all my water on inventory slots. It kinda sucks that equipment that is equipped to a bot counts as part of your inventory. I’m looking at doing some replays of level to build up XP on new guys + get more water as everything is so damn expensive!!


So now I’m getting pretty frustrated and I’m hoping someone can shed some light on some things. FYI I’m playing on normal.

  1. I really want to know if a floor is shootable or not because every time I shoot, my bullets ricochet, and they are beating me to death, especially this one sniper on a mission. He seemed like he can shoot anything. When I aim, if my gun is blue with a red DO NOT cross on it, that means I can’t shoot, but so many times it’s not there & it seems random whether I can shoot or whether the bullet ricochets.

  2. Cover seems like there is a RNG involved. If I’m standing next to a cover that an enemy is behind, I can shoot them, but with one or more spaces, I seem to always get ricochets off cover, yet the enemy pierces me at will.

  3. The grenade paths don’t do what they show 90% of the time. I have damaged myself so many times I’m growing very frustrated with where they end up bouncing that I feel I should either abandon them or just close my eyes and click because honestly, the pathing is FUBAR.

  4. How can I tell what classes a weapon can be used by? It’s probably staring me right in the face, but it seems like whenever I go to loadout, so few choices and when deciding whether to save something, how do I know?


There are two types of floors - the slimmer floors with crossbeams in them are shoot-through. The thicker floor types that are solid and you can’t show through them. Your aiming beam, if you have one, will show you if the beam is passing THROUGH the floor, you’re good. It works for both you and enemies the same way.

Can shoot through:

Cannot shoot through:

You can only ignore/shoot through obstacles you are adjacent to. Get right up next to a barrel and you can ignore it, which is how I like to take out enemies behind barrels.

A lot of launchers have the modifier “arcing shot” - stuff with arcing shots I found really hard to use, I started using launchers that didn’t have that to more reliably hit my target with those weapon types.

Look at the abilities of a character with (iirc) X and you can reiview their skills and weapon types. Everyone has two, like “handgun” and “something else”. I almost never use handguns - no scopes on them. My go to four-man team used an assault weapon type, heavy weapon type, sniper weapon type (sharpshooter with long range; cannot shoot if you move that turn), and sharpshooter pistol (works like a handgun, but with a long range scope).


Thanks very helpful! I will look at this the next time I play.



I don’t think I’ve ever said “fuck you you fucking game” so much to any game without uninstalling it.

I am so close to uninstalling this. I feel like dropping down to casual because the scenarios they give me are stupid hard. The one where you have to survive for so many turns? Fuck that. The one where you can get some XP for ONE person? Yeah, fuck that too. The latest is the arena? That can go fuck itself until I’m level 20.

I’m numb to the “let’s add extra turrets and new fresh guys when you think you’re almost done scenario as well.”

I’m also really not liking the classes and how weapons are limited to certain classes. Along with the inventory management, it is just frustrating.

I keep playing, because I love some of the mechanics but losing 3,500 water because I get wiped is not fun when the scenario is 8-1. Seriously fuck this game.



Been there, done all of that. I love this game but never completed it. Pretty much for a whole wide variety of reasons, but mostly for the ones you listed.

Oh, and I most certainly did uninstall it, although you guys coming back here and reactivating this thread is giving me the itch.

P.S. Space Tyrant gave me the same feel. Get all the way to the last battle, lose it and be forced to start the entire campaign over again. Love/hate that one too.


It sounds like you’re misunderstanding something about the game or your strategy/character loadout/composition isn’t working because I only had difficulty on the odd level throughout Heist, and that was on one of the harder difficulties, three starring as I went. I always felt like it was just the right side of challenging.

I know they’re absolutely useless words from me, and I’m sorry if they come across as patronising, but Heist shouldn’t be stressing you out so much. (One of my friends ricocheted off the game hard for what it’s worth.) I don’t feel that this is a puzzle-y tactical game where there’s only one viable approach. As I mentioned up thread, I was cycling characters throughout just to keep parity and get a good sense of all their abilities and synergies so I think most levels can be done with any team. There’s bound to be exceptions though.

I’m not sure what to say @Tman but don’t keep banging your head on this if it’s not working out for you :-) It’s unfortunate because, as I’ve said before, this is one of my favourite tactical games!


It definitely could be that I’m not getting some aspect. Let me see if I can say what I try to do a bit more analyzing and the issues I’m having:

I try to position my people together to enter an area all fresh - meaning they have their entire turn. I put whichever guy has the most random / powerful weapon up front so they can go first & not damage the others. The problems start from there as with barriers & whatnot, to get the others into the room and behind some sort of cover AND have a shot they can take is problematic as the surfaces involved still are not clear which I can / will be able to shoot through with some sort of angle.

And this is probably my biggest gripe: the laser only shows paths on the sniper weapons. Where I am guessing at angle / trajectory with weapons without that, the enemy is routinely perfectly bouncing shit and ricocheting for hits against my guys where I’m ineffectual. I’m ineffectual because I have to guess what I’ll be able to hit before I move.

The aiming / launching mechanic of the grenade I’m still not 100% sure. It shows me some bouncing / arcs / trajectory and I can move this only with the movement keys (WASD) but then to fire I think is the space key (I’m using m/k). Let’s say a grenade goes where the path shows about 50% of the time.

Another irritant is the weapon damage. For example, I have one that says 6/4 crit and yet almost every fucking time it’s only doing 3-4 damage. I think it’s because it’s a spread weapon & will only do 6 when right next to someone. How far away can I be to get what type of damage? It really kills me (literally) when I get 6 damage using TWO SHOTS and the turret has 7 health.

And then I get the blowback from being to close to whatever I am shooting and end up doing damage to my own guys because when the turret explodes, I get 2 damage because I’m standing too close. I really don’t understand when I will get explosions and when the enemy will just crumble without an explosion.

There are so many things I really don’t understand. Those guys with the guns that have shields? Fuck them as well. I can only try to maneuver ontop / under or behind them. Trying to get them from the front is impossible unless you are using a weapon that has area damage and then you just give them a grazing. Although sometimes a lobber will take them out & I’m perplexed on why / what I did. It’s kind of like that Garry Larson Farside cartoon where the guy kills a mammoth - this is probably the best allegory to this game. It’s so much trying to decipher what works & what doesn’t.


I’ll give you a little tip if you don’t mind save-scumming a tad.

If you take a shot or move into a room and immediately don’t like the results, quit to the main menu and hit “continue”. The game seems to auto-save (on the Switch at least) at the start of your turn. Towards the end when things got pretty challenging for me I would have my heavy weapon guy (no laser sight, highest chance to fuck everyone) go first and if that went sideways, or a critical kill didn’t land like I needed it to, I could reset back to the beginning of the round very, very quickly (load times were fast as hell). I wouldn’t recommend that for trying to get better at the game, but if you are looking to have fun and win without going down to casual (which I did a few times, it didn’t feel any different than normal, honestly, so I stuck with normal for 90% of my play through), this might be a good tip for you.


Please, don’t!
I hated the game when I played it with keyboard and mouse: it’s finicky, prone to make you miss about any shot because the darn thing is so sensitive. Hell, even if you don’t miss, just aligning a shot is an exercise in patience.
When I switched to gamepad (which was a bit of a work, as the game didn’t recognize mine natively), it made everything so much easier. Shots began to be properly aimed, in that Worms way the game expect to emulate.
I was thinking this might have been one of the issues you experienced with the game but preferred to not mention it of fear of sounding stupid, but really, keyboard and mouse controls in this gamepad focused game are a freaking nightmare.


I play on an Xbone pad and it’s perfect.


I played it on the Vita so had no choice, but the controls were perfect. I’m pretty sure my friend who didn’t get on with Heist will have used mouse and keyboard so… good point! (I should ask him, in the name of science.)


It’s been a while since I played this, but this really stuck in my mind. There are just too many times that your bot placement when you complete an objective basically determines if you wipe or succeed, and it’s totally arbitrary and un-telegraphed. It’s just straight up bullshit.

I did complete the game, but that element caused a ton of frustration.


Oh Gawd yes. This so much, and I also started on mk on PC. So much better with controller.


@Tman This (and the other SteamWorld games) are some of my favorites. I reinstalled and started playing to see if I could remember what problems you running into. I use mouse/keyboard as well, and don’t really have any problems with it. Though I use the keyboard for precise aiming/shooting. While it lets you aim and shoot with the mouse, I only do that when it is an obvious shot.

You mention the grenade paths aren’t predictable. I don’t have that issue, and so I’m wondering if you are handling the weapon sway? Whenever you aim with any weapon, the weapon sways a bit, and you need to hit space when it pointing where you want it to go. I certainly can miss, but it usually is a result of me messing up with predicting when the weapon is going to be where I want it.

That might be too obvious, but I seem to remember that there was some aiming mechanic that I didn’t pick up right away and it might have been that.

Hope you figure it out.


Ya, it’s just not clicking. I end up ALT-F4’ng to reset and I said “fuck this game” so many times, despite all the things it does right, it’s just not fun.


Thanks all for trying to help me figure this game out. So surprising that so many have no problem and I’m just plagued with frustration.