Steamworld Quest - RPG Fantasy Card Game

Oh, I had forgotten about this, but IGN just posted a preview based on an hour long demo are making the rounds. It sounds like it’s going to be amazing!

And I haven’t watched it yet, but I looked up on YouTube and found some gameplay:


And another (which turns out to be audio only…)

I forgot about this game too. With this reminder, I’m currently sitting in the Day 1 camp.

I just liked this image headlining another preview that just popped up (Game Informer).

(I didn’t read it, I assume it’s about the same as the others, but for those that want to check it out here is the link)

I won’t read any preview, in fear of spoiling anything about that awfully sexy thing, so thanks for reposting the pretty pictures :D

You know it’s a good game when they’re using punch card technology.

Release date revealed - 4/25 on the Switch!

Launch Trailer!

A look at the game:

$25 on Switch, more platforms to come.

Releases this Wednesday, 4/24!

Yeah, the eShop says 4/24 but the trailer says 4/25, so I’m not sure what’s totally going on there. Previously the date was 4/25, so I’m going to assume that for now and hope to be pleasantly surprised. :)

Wise! Either way, my wallet threat level on this title is very high. Excited to try it, probably a launch day purchase.

I want this game pretty bad. I like the Steamworld world, and I like cardgames and I shouls like this. I wonder if there are review embargoes. I’d like to see impressions while I wait.

I think it will be important to remember that this is a $25 game, so it’s not going to have some crazy open world map, tons of NPC’s and side quests, endless piles of loot and boss battles. Rather, it will likely be like the other Steamworld games - about 8-12* hours of amazingly tight, well made content that you’ll want to play again in 6 months. That’s my guess. I actually wish it was a $40 or even full priced $60 game because that would strongly indicate it’s their biggest and most ambitious title to date, filled with tons and tons of stuff! But at $25 I’m setting my expectations accordingly, and I recommend everyone does the same.

*Heist was about 15 hours for me to beat, looks like that’s what HowLongToBeat shows it as as well, and Steamworld 1 and 2 were closer to 6-8 hours or so. I’m guessing Quest will be closer to Heist, but that may be wishful thinking on my part.

I’m thinking/hoping it’ll have even more replay value due to differences in deck construction. Dig was pretty linear, and while Heist had the ability to run different teams, I didn’t really feel a motivation to repeat with different loadouts.

This is what I’m hoping. One of the problems I have with other card based or deck-building combat games is that the combat system just aends up being a fancy UI for a standard jRPG experience, where you need standard equipment and standard spells. The only difference is what order you draw your cards in, but you still need all the pieces to solve the particular puzzle being presented.

This is especially common in a lot of the Hearthstone single player content. But my hope is that this one will be much more Dynamic and have several ways to approach a lot of the combat, because I love diversity and I really like experimenting.

Is this coming to pc?

Eventually, I’m sure.

Reviews are out, looks like most critics recommend it enthusiastically.

I’m going to skim a few reviews now, see what holds it back from being a 9 rather than an 8, but my guess is like I suggested in the Anno thread, these niche games lose a point just for being niche games, and not AAA titles. Which annoys me.

It should earn back that extra lost point between 8 and 9 simply for the fact that it has unique Punch Card patterns for every card. It didn’t used to be that way back in the alpha, the old footage everybody had the same punch card. But now they’re all unique and all punchy. It’s quite the technology.