Steamworld Quest - RPG Fantasy Card Game


I don’t think really any of the other titles had a running narrative with each other, did they? Heist seemed wholly separate from Dig, though I suppose Dig 1 and 2 did have a continuation from one to the other, iirc. In any case, so far this seems entirely distant from Heist and Dig, story wise as well as setting.

@LMN8R I guess all I can suggest is watch some reviews and see if it’s something you’ll be able to enjoy, there is just no way anyone can answer that for you.

@Dan_Theman nothing so far, but we know more platforms are planned and coming, just no ETA.


Yeah, I didn’t think so, but I wasn’t sure. I have the first Dig and Heist (and picked up the Steamworld Tower Defense game a few weeks back), but I haven’t played them yet. But Quest is something I’ll make time for right now as long as it doesn’t spoil some meta narrative.


There’s no explicit continuity or ongoing story. They’re only about as connected as Final Fantasy games.

It’s implied that Heist is in the far future from Dig, I think. IIRC, the actions of Dig destabilized the planet, and Heist is set in the future among a collection of asteroids that were formed from a disintegrated planet.

I’m kind of assuming that this is in the far pre-history of Dig, but that’s purely an assumption.


Cool! Then I’ll go buy it right…!

Awww, man. I guess I’m glad I heard about this now, since I like to buy physical for our household’s multiple Switches. But it’s a bummer to have wait when it looks right up my alley. Maybe I’ll go play the other SW games first, after all…


Well I finally got to play some of this tonight. So far I really enjoyed the combat, but I’m mostly looking forward to getting farther in the game so the combat is even more varied. What I like right now is mostly the potential of the system. I also like that the decks I build are limited to 8 cards for each character, rather than having to think about dozens of cards in long extended combat scenarios.

I’m already tired of the combat music though, as it’s very repetitive and there’s very little variation in it. The “comedic” dialogue writing is just ghastly, it’s so insipid it hurts. But I’m only on chapter 3 or 4 so maybe it gets better later. But this game has nothing on the Southpark jRPG games in this respect.

I also absolutely hate the narrator that announces each chapter (the sickly old guy with the warbly voice). I don’t think they could have chosen a worse guy for a narrator, at least for me. I hate weak warbly voices. But I look forward playing, getting new cards, and seeing some other scenery.

Right now the biggest draw is the combat system, the rest of the game could be trimmed back to a Card Crawl mobile experience and it would be for the better, but I’m still early in yet.


Started a bit. The backgrounds look weirdly Vanillaware-y.

The game has a frame story that it’s being told by one of the characters in Heist to his…grandson? as a story that happened long ago. So, no direct connections.

They talk about banishing an ancient evil and burying it underground. I’m assuming that will be somehow related to the Vectron (the mostly-evil race of electronic robots), but that’s just shared noun-world building really, there’s no story connections.


As far as the overall story is concerned, Dig 2 is a direct sequel to Dig 1, where you’re looking for the protagonist (player character) from Dig 1. The events at the end of Dig 2 make clear why the situation in Heist is how it is. It’s not necessary to play the games in order; they all stand on their own pretty well.

I’m curious to see how Quest fits into this. Really looking forward to this being released on GOG.


I only just hit chapter 3 and this is how I feel as well. The story has yet to come into focus, but the characters are kind of bland and the dialog has been generally poor.

The deckbuilding is very solid, though. With 8 cards per character, the game does a great job of limiting the range of decisions while still giving you a ton of flexibility within those bounds. I’m excited to play more and see what kind of card combinations will become available to mess around with.


I could NOT stop playing this last night, getting over 4 hours in and on Chapter 5. I unlocked a new party member, lots of great cards that let me already sort of define a role for a given character, and am pleased with normal difficulty for being tough but fair. I had a few close calls, but using consumables got me up and running again, which is nice as I normally just hoard/never use consumables in games like this.

I agree about the combat music, but I tend to find that’s true of every game I’ve ever played, so I usually turn the music off. I just keep forgetting to do it here. This is the kind of game I’d play with Netflix on but it looks so good on my TV I haven’t played undocked much so far.

I am enjoying the characters as much as I did in Dig and Heist - which is to say, the writing is fine and they are fine, but I’m only here for the gameplay. This is generally true for me for every game though. And I’m finding the gameplay here incredibly absorbing and fun.


Thus far this game is getting very positive reviews, including new “must-own Switch games.”


Got to act 2 tonight. Boss fights are about twice as long as they need to be, which is either a sign my decks are way, way too defensive, or these encounters are intended to be endurance tests.

Cards are getting much cooler and more varied, and upgrades have a definite impact. Be sure to read the details of the upgrades with “-” to see differences you’ll miss otherwise.

I haven’t tried the 4th character yet.


This has always been the case with the Steamwoeld games. The setting is charming, and the gameplay is good, but the actual dialog is generally pretty tedious at best.


Chapter 4 gets a good bit larger all of a sudden. I also accidentally finished it with only 30% chests discovered, so now I have to go do it all again…


Yeah I’ve had that annoying experience a few times now too. Love the game, but can’t help thinking some less linear gameplay might have been better.



It really needs some sort of “Are you sure you want to leave this area” system, either explicit or just some sort of visual idiom to make it clear when you’re finishing a level rather than just going to a new room…


I’m probably the only that hears this in my head whenever I play:


While we’re complaining - it also needs a more useful map! The current version is way too minimal & is only a vague representation of the world you are traveling.



How’s the card system once you’re a few hours in? This sounds kinda good.

How does it compare to Steamworld Heist? I liked that.


It’s awesome, lots of cards and once you get a new character in your party, and then another one, they have a completely different play style. Coupled with different types of weapons and accessories, and you have a ton of headroom for strategy, and some fights will demand your full attention (on Normal).

It’s … similar. Turn based, gorgeous, robots? It plays very different though, one is a cover based shooter and the other is card battles, so I’m not sure completely how to answer this, tbh.


Let me quote a line from the Polygon review:

“You’re always thinking of who should attack first, in what order, and with what cards.”

If that sounds like your kind of game, then no need to hesitate. If I’d known nothing about it, that one line would have sold the game to me.