Steel Battalion: Line of Contact - A Cry for Help

Sorry for what could be considered spam, but I have a situation here. I need to get some footage of this game captured for X-Play, but I’m running into a problem. Nobody’s frickin’ playing it.

I know a small segment of Qt3ers play the game regularly, so if any of you are available to play Thursday, Friday, or Monday this week, it would help me out a lot. Drop me a PM or reply here if you can.

You’re associated with X-Play? Cool… :) Oh, yeah… that April fools episode of X-Play was awful… I really wish the show had better writers for the “comedic” portions of the reviews, because often they are either groaners or just plain strange… (but that’s just my opinion)

I have quite a few replays, now if I can figure out how to get them out of my XBox, I’d be happy to give you some.

You can send replays to people in game I think. Then the recipient can just capture them when they replay them on the TV. I think Matt was going for a different angle though than just any SB:LOC footage.

– Xaroc

Yes all replays can be traded in both campaign and free-mission modes. Only traded in game though, I’m not sure if there’s a hack to transfer on a memory card or copy it to a PC.

Any replays you can send would be great in addition to whatever actual in-game play I can record. When I did the original SB review for Extended Play, I made heavy use of replay footage because it looks so damn cool.

ok, I’ll try to get a few for you then.