Steel Battalion LOC: QT3 Battle Royale?

Anyone up for attempting a QT3 Battle Royale? Seems like there’s enough of us around here that we oughta be able to muster up a match or three.

Plus, those of us who have logged more playtime (Rorschach) could give pointers to those of us who’ve gotten our asses handed to us and haven’t had enough time to play the past few days, and thus can’t fully remember how to target anything with the damned howitzer.

Of course, our efforts will probably be thwarted by the flaky connectivity, but hey.

What say Tuesday the 2nd @ 10PM EST?

My copy of the original hasn’t arrived yet, and I probably won’t have LoC for another week or two. But when I do I’m in.

If I can get hold of a copy of LoC by tomorrow night, I’m in.

Sure I’m in… I’d be happy to give out pointers or answer any questions.

I’ll set up an open chat room in Free Mission around 19:45 CST. Please drop in or give me a friend request, I’ll be happy to answewr any questions. Then at 20:00 CST I’ll start a restricted Battle Royale to make sure we don’t get people joining in that are looking to fight. Gamertag is “Rorschach Six” pilot name is Rorschach in both campaign and free mission.

I’m in. My gamertag is Foozmelon. Set up a time and I’ll see if I can get off work early enough to make it. Tuesday and Wednesday nights are bad for me, but I’m good most other days.

I should be able to make it also – my tag is Greyjack. See you guys there (hopefully).

If we don’t see you tonight, dmiller, I’d imagine we’ll do it again if it seems to work reasonably well (like, say, next week when the stragglers have their kits).

7:45/8:00ish central it is.

I’m up for it. My gamertag should be self evident. I’m in the PRF, but haven’t actually played yet. :D

Sorry, is it 8pm CST or 9pm CST… nevermind I’ll probably be around for both times.

I was thinking 10pmEST, aka 9pmCST, but someone confused me:


Let’s aim for 10:00pm (Eastern) then, since it sounds like that’ll give dmiller a better chance of making it.

Done… we will get together at:

10pm Eastern
9pm Central
8pm Mountain
7pm Pacific

4am UTC

Look for a chat or battle royale in free mission mode by Rorschach/Rorschach Six


One more EB to call, but if they don’t have it, I’ll have to miss the carnage. :(

Well, I’m here - I had to spend a few minutes configuring my VT’s, and when I came back, you were all gone!

I can’t believe all you guys have that fancy-schmanzy joystick. You’re giving me peripheral-envy.

They are playing the sad Japanese Taps music for me now :(. I love the Falchion but I need to reconfigure its loadout. Plus I need to learn to dodge. Oh, and hitting the river in 5th gear is not good.

This is damn cool game but having the online with voice chat just takes it to the next level.

Alright, back to the post-mortem.


Why’d you guys ditch me?

We waited around for quite a while, you never came back. Were you checking your invites, or just searching for games? 'Cause Rorshach’s restricted games/chats didn’t seem to show up in the optimatch searches.

Sorry we missed you, won’t talk about how AWESOME it was (even though we were poking around, falling over, getting stuck in the water, etc etc etc).

From talking to Rorschach, I’m afraid LOC has hooked him deep – game’s only been out a few days, and he’s a walking mechanized LOC encyclopedia already.

Kinda get the impression he was mainly just toying with me 'n Sharpe :)

I was setting up my weapons, just like I damn well said I was going to do. And since you guys went on without me, I just went and played with other people. <shrug>

We left the chat, but waited around in the lobby of the game we started up, and sent you a couple invites… All told, was probably 15 minutes or so that we hung around.

Possibility – I hosted the initial chat; Rorschach hosted the games. Since LOC is peer-to-peer, perhaps your XBox wasn’t able to see his, due to some quirk of network/proxy/router/firewalling between you and he? I sent you invites, it listed you as “playing” (vs. just “in” the game).

Or, you could just assume we’re a bunch of assholes, your call.

That was beautiful. I just killed a guy online with the plasma torch - while almost dead. So sweet.