Steel Battalion LOC: QT3 Battle Royale?

Chill out - I wasn’t assuming anything. And, no, I never saw an invite - but the system has been laggy and fucked up since launch, so who knows. Anyway, like I said, I got some good games in. I think I’ve had enough of free mode - going to do some conquest, from the PRF side.

Yeah I’m sorry but we did wait around for you for quite a bit, and sent many invites with no response. Next time we’ll join your game.

Tonight was fun. I think Sharpe was getting the hang of it, especially the dodge pedal.

Let me know if that replay came through okay, Andrew, and if the buds thought the game looked cool from replay.

Anyone feel free to look me up in the game (gametag: Rorschach Six) and I’ll be happy to imbue some LOC wisdom I’ve gathered through my obsession with the game. Or ask here… it’s all good.

I also noticed that through an in game message the devs are closing turn 1 at 3/3 17:50 CST… after that time game results won’t count, and turn 1 results will be posted at 3/3 18:50 CST. One would guess that new VTs and new maps will be available after that point.

I’d better start playing conquest, then, if I want to get some games in before people have the super vt’s to pound on me.

Whup, you’re right, didn’t need to bristle quite so much, misread your tone – sorry.

Wait, you said PRF? Up yours, you scurvy son of a flea-bitten hound! (er, not sure the appropriate milieu for trash-talk in LOC, so, uh, guess I’ll go with pirate for now)

Rorschach – replay worked like a charm. Had great fun watching you fall over :wink: Actually, you were making some GREAT use of forest cover in that battle – looked like a helluva fight.

Man, the replay feature in this thing rules – EVERY tactical-type game should have this. Raven Shield with full replays for the mission would rock. The ability to go back over and watch the mission and see what did/didn’t work is brilliant.

I haven’t had this strong a reaction to a game since GTA3.

Oh, and watching the level of detail (both visual and sound) in the retail has one of my friends desperately trying to figure out how to wrangle it such that he can pick up a copy (a copy meaning the base game and LOC, of course).

Absolute fricking mech Nirvana, I tell you!

No store in a 50 mile radius seems to have this game, so I’ll have to order it online. Damn you people for having more fun than me!

Sorry i missed the fun last night - i logged on around 11:15 but everyone had already split.

I’ll be playing tonight from 8-10 (est); hit me up (Schplam) if you’d like to get together for some VT whumpin’.


Jesus, now I want the game. Maybe my wife will let me get the old and new one with some of our tax return. If I get it, that means you gotta get it Mark.

Well, all this talk of SB and LoC made me up and take a break from work to order it at my local Gamestop. I put down $100 now (they require a $50 up-front payment for them to order it) so when it arrives in 3-7 days, I only have to pay $100 + $50 for LoC; in turn, this won’t make me feel as bad when I pick it up, because I’ll only be paying $150 instead of $250 at the time of pickup.

Installment plans make everything cheaper, balut!

I just finished the battleship mission last night in Steel Battalions. It was one of the most satisfying gaming moments I’ve had in quite a while. My advice: it’s all about having enough fuel to use the hell out of that dodge pedal.

Then I looked for a quick game last night, super-late, and couldn’t get into anything. Ugh. I must have read about a half dozen different error messages. Jeeze, isn’t the point of Xbox Live to avoid this sort of crap?


All hail the peer to peer network model!

You connection is only as good as the worst player. Getting 6 people with okay connections is very feasible, 8 people with good connections is doubtful, and 10 people with excellent connections is a miracle on US broadband networks.

LOC attempts to measure your network capability and automatically kick you out if you’re not up to snuff. Supposedly it’s to prevent that one bad guy from lagging out your game, but it sure is frustrating to try to get into games.

Try hosting a 3v3 to see if people can get in. Then a 4v4, and 5v5. Even if you don’t get a full game, if people can connect then you’ve got good network to at least some people and should be okay to get into bigger games. Patience is annoying as hell but is a virtue.

I’ve played 40+ games so far in LOC and maybe 3 of them had noticable lag, maybe 2 of them had more than 6 people in the game.

The worm has turned. Turn 2 is now active.

PRF won 3 hexes last round, but HSD finally gets a comparable front-line 1st gen VT: the Scare Face. The PRF gets a limited run of the Decider Volcanic, basically a Decider chassis with a howitzer mount. First run was limited to 100 (much like the Falcion) so expect a run of 100 to be available each day or so.

Three new maps. The old ones are unavailable in campaign mode (the war moves ever on!) Big ass map with twisty canyons, another siege map similar to MIS03 and the last one might be indoors, I haven’t checked it out yet.

If anyone is willing to let me borrow a Decider Volcanic, let me know… gotta catch 'em all!

Is it possible to get to your friends list and invite people to a private game? I just started one up but I can’t find a way to tell anyone about it. Anyway if you’re on my friends list take a look for it. I’ve played a total of about 40 minutes so if you need target practice come on in (I’m Mike Cathcart on XBL).

Hit the start button on your controller.

I just finished the battleship mission last night in Steel Battalions. It was one of the most satisfying gaming moments I’ve had in quite a while. My advice: it’s all about having enough fuel to use the hell out of that dodge pedal.

Yeah, use the dodge pedal, but don’t forget the ZOOM buttons. That’s how I beat it- hang about as far back as you can and still do damage with a long range rifle (1750-2000 range iirc), and zoom in as far as you can to make sure you hit the right spots. Take the cannons out first, then take out the rest at your leisure. :)