Steel Battalion?

Okay who’s spending the US$200 this week for Steel Battalion? I admit I’m a sucker for immersive and quirky games (yes I own a pair of Samba de Amigo maracas) so this is high on my list.

According to EB and Gamestop, demand has outstripped thier projections as well since it’s on backorder.

Unfortunately I"m buying a house next week and Xmas is soon so I’ll either get it for a present or picking it up sometime after the holidays, but I wasn wondering if any of you hard-core simmers and mech-heads out there are willing to plunk down the $$ for this game?


I’m doing everything in my power to talk my friend into buying it. He’s a big impulse buyer, and the fact that he’s got a 60" HDTV and excellent surround sound system makes him the ideal buyer out of my circle of friends. Here’s hoping…

If it was on any other console or the PC I’d do it.

Heh. I love cool gimmick games/controllers, too (though I have a strange aversion to light gun games- too pedestrian, I guess). I own two sets of Samba di Amigo controllers, and a DDR pad/import game for the dreamcast. Granted, my wife bought 'em for me for christmas that year, mostly because she wanted them, but I can’t say I don’t enjoy the hell out of them, too. Thet’re great party toys.

That said, I think I have to buy Steel Batallion this week, too. I absolutely love mech games, and this is just too good to pass up. I have to hope that my wife (who recently started reading and posting around here) doesn’t see this until it’s too late. :wink:

I wish I could find a second pair of the SEGA maracas controllers. I was spoiled by the fact that I found a pair in excellent condition (box, packaging, everything) at EB for $20 about a year ago. I’ve also got one pair of twin sticks ($40 in great condition but no box, bought them with the maracas) and a fishing controller (how do you pass up that one?). Just haven’t had the motivation to buy an XBox yet. If I already had one, I would probably spend an extra 200 to get this game, but as it is I’d have to pay 400. Too many other things I could do with that money…

Is that because you own all the other consoles, or you just have an aversion to the Xbox?

Is that because you own all the other consoles, or you just have an aversion to the Xbox?[/quote]

It’s just because I don’t have an XBox now and there’s not enough reason for me to buy one. If there were no plans to bring Splinter Cell to the PC or other consoles, that would be some motivation, but for now there are. I have a PS2, GC, GBA, PC, and I still spend a bit of time on the Dreamcast, so until the XBox has something that I absolutely must have I’ll pass. Like I said, that makes Steel Batallion a 400 dollar game to me, and that’s a bit high.

I can’t imagine spending that kind of money for one game, but I am curious about it. I wonder how the game is?

If the reviews for Steel Battalion are good, odds are high that I’ll buy it.


In all honesty my friend said it was the most immersive gaming experience he’s every had and that all gamers should try it out, but it’s not worth the money. Get a friend to buy it and play on his system. Unfortunately or fortunately since I have a huge gaming addiction and ready cash, I’m that friend.

My understanding was this was the game that resulted from MS saying to Capcom “what is the ultimate game you’d like to make if you had no restrictions?”

I guess I’m suckered in by the “realism” and immersion that the game provides, and the big honkin’ controller just adds to that.

I absolutely love the concept of this game, $200 controller and all. However, for that kind of money I’d want a bit more replay value than this game seems to have (as far as I’ve heard, it has only a handful–20 or so–scripted missions). If they threw in some sort of random mission generator and a dynamic campaign system, it might well be the last console game I’d ever need to buy. Lacking that, it’s a tougher sell…

Well, if it makes you feel better, I hear rumors that a sequel is in the works, so at least you can use that thing for more than one game.

I might be tempted to wait for the sequel and try to get a bundle deal where the controller might be cheaper.

– Xaroc

And if I don’t have one by then, so will the console. Good plan, I’m with you on this one.

I have a feeling that if you don’t get this thing now, you’ll never be able to get one again. There were pix on IGN of unsold Tekki games w/controls from Japan, so if it’s selling better here, those are likely to be repackaged for the US, but otherwise, if you want Steel Battalion and the controller, don’t wait too long.

Just like the maracas controllers, these things will be collector’s items.


Edit: Actually, let me qualify that…you’ll be able to buy Steel Battalion a year from now, but you’re likely to pay more than its initial cost at retail and have to use Ebay to get it. Its value is likely to be $300 or more within a year given the finite amount of them being made.


For a high-end game like this, how many get made?

I think there were going to be 20,000 total. That’s what I remember reading somewhere so don’t quote me on that.


so this game has “ebay” written all over it!

here’s what i can’t understand and maybe you industry insiders can explain: how does a game like this get made? what i am getting at is that the game industry is essentially big business and business is about profit. can they sell enough of these to make a profit? if they 1st run 20K of them and sell them all, is that above break even?

it just seems insane (to me) that someone would pay enough for ONE Xbox game, when for that much you could buy a PS2 or a GC (and get a game and memory card for the GC…with money left over for Taco Hell.) [EDIT]let me qualify that i understand that the people who buy this game will more than likely be “hardcore” gamers and thus either have a PS & GC etc…i just mentioned those b/c i was trying to quantifying how much this game costs in terms of other game hardware. $200 is a lot of dough for a single game![/EDIT]

also - isn’t it hard to get retailers to stock something like this? 1) shelf space, but 2) they gotta buy it wholesale to sell it…seems like a big allocation of resources for a company that could instead make sure it has enough of other stock to sell for the holidays.

i guess this game kinda confuses me, b/c it seems to fly in the face of what i would expect from business. i am definitely interested in seeing how this thing sells.

The game industry isn’t always 100% about business. If it was, you’d never see a lot the great independently produced titles that end up turning genres on their ears. A game like Steel Battalion/Tekki is something a team of guys at Capcom had wanted to do for a number of years. They felt that the Xbox hardware was suited to something like that and Capcom apparently had an agreement with Microsoft to produce a few Xbox titles.

I’m sure they ran the numbers and knew how much it would cost to make it as well as what kind of profits they’d turn on it. I’d bet even with development costs, it costs a lot less than $200 to produce. It becomes a collectors item because it’s built in limited quantities and then turns Capcom into a continuing fan favorite for having the balls to put it out. So it’s kind of like PR as well as a cool product. It gets people talking.

As for retailers like EB, Babbages Etc. and those likely to carry this (which probably won’t include the more general retail places like Wal-Mart), they’re probably not going to pay Capcom a dime unless they sell these things. They’ll probably get at least 60-day terms on them which means they’ll see what happens before they have to pay money. The big retailers deal direct, they don’t buy from distributors.

Anyway, the game is a labor of love for the team that made it and that’s just like a lot of games in this industry.