Steel Battalions fixed yet?

Just curious if the problems with Live play have been fixed yet? I know some of you guys loved the game but said the network performance was a bit shoddy. Have they done any patching yet?

Also, you guys still playing? Does it look like the community’s going to last?

And what happened to Quatoria? Did he exile himself?

Well, the game is great, but I got jolly-stomped by some old-school players and lost a ton of points in mechs, so I’ve been taking a leave. I love it, but I suck at it.

The net play was still iffy when I last played.

I think it’s broken… Currently I have three problems with the game:

  1. Mule accounts. People get friends or free 2 month accounts to join a different faction and poach the limited VTs out from under the people who are actually fighting for the side. Some of the really good VTs are very rare (10 or so a day) so the real faction players are left without and the hardcore campers have all the goodies. They also use Mule accounts for Money games.

  2. Money games. You get more points for kills against a more powerful VT. This is all well and good until you get some friends together for a money game. One takes a crappy VT and the other takes a very powerful one. The guy in the crap VT then proceeds to “leg” the powerful VT, he gets a ton of points and the VT survives and ownership is trnasferred to the guy that legged it. Then after the game they trade back the VT so no body loses any VTs but you’re 100,000s of points richer. Wash. Rinse. Repeat and you have inflation in the point economy and people sporting ranks that they did not earn.

  3. Network problems. To date North America can still only play 3v3 games with any hope of a good connection. As the Round progressed it showed that certain factions (RB and HSD) with specialized roles for the VTs were more geared towards 4v4 and 5v5 games while the jack-of-all-trades PRF and JL have an advantage in the 3v3 games.

All hope is not lost. There’s a confirmed post on the official SB:LOC boards that a fix is pending (in 60 days) for the connection problems, and a new Round has begun today so in some respects the war has started over maybe meta-game fixes will be rolled into there as well. It’s still the same great mech game that it always was, but the meta-game is pretty messed up all in all.

P.S. Quatoria is still very active on the SB community boards where I continue to lurk, perhaps this thread will summon him!