Steering wheel for PC

I purchased a new racing game the other day and it seems that I need a steering wheel to play it effectively.
I used to be able to drive pretty good with the keyboard, but this one is beyond my ability.

Any recommendations for a decent steering wheel for the PC?

Microsoft Force Feedback jobbie.

The force feedback seems to vary greatly depending on the game, but when it is done well like in Colin McRae it’s more than powerful enough to feel like it is going to pull your arms out of their sockets at times when you crank it up to full power.

It feels solid, has lots of programmable buttons including the “tiptronic” gear changers, is a doddle to set up and looks pretty nice into the bargain.

Only complaint is that MS peripherals don’t share a common power lead type, but thats as much as I can find to moan about.

Logitech makes some nice wheel/pedal combos. I bought the red momo one a few years back (since discontinued), and loved it for my PC. Didn’t like it so much with my PS2, as PS2 gaming software doesn’t let you customize the wheel resistance, and I found it to be to stiff for console gaming.

I haven’t had a chance to try the new Momo wheel, but if I were in the market for a new wheel today, I’d plop down for it just based on my positive experience with the previous version.

While you may be able to find one on eBay, or hidden away in some stores, these aren’t made any more.

The Logitech Momo is pretty good, if pricey.

Thanks for the responses.
I went to and found the Logitech MOMO for $79.99, 20% off the normal $99.99 price. So, if anyone is interested in getting one, the price is still accurate as of this post.

There were a couple of the Microsoft SideWinder wheels for sale, but they started at $99.99 USED.
There was one that was NIB, and it was $199.99.

So, I’m in the market for a Porsche…

I just sold a really nice one on eBay. A Mad Catz, though. That …doesn’t really help you here, though. :)

So who wants to tell him about BRD?


Uhmmmm, those wheels START at $260 and go up from there.
Pedals are extra.

The Porsche thing was a joke, see, I was figurin on gettin a reference on a particular porsche model, then finding it at 20% off. :P

I just bought a wheel last week from this place. It came in it’s retail box with all the software/documentation intact. its looks like someone bought it, opened the box and didnt even use it. I also bought a Logitech Xbox cordless gamepad which retails for $50 at the price of $14.

The wheel itself is very good though it does have a minimum of buttons and the paddles are tiny. The FF is great.

Keep in mind that they deal in “refurbished” items so you may get a defective item but they do RMA’s without a problem and they reimburse for shipping to boot.

$22 + free shipping = no-brainer.

Is there another way to accelerate besides the paddles, for someone who simply wants to use the wheel?

Hmmm, in theory I guess you could map acceleration to one of the buttons on the wheel itself.
That is, if your particular wheel has extra buttons in the center.

I guess I mainly wonder if anyone ever does this. I can imagine setting up the pedals, trying them once, and concluding, “These stink! Give me something like a trigger on a console controller.”

I’ve never tried a wheel, let alone a wheel with pedals.

I think he’s referring to the gear shifting paddles, not the pedals. Correct spelling strikes again!

It should be easy enough to remap gear shifting to the buttons, but depending on their location that might not be any easier than dealing with small paddles.

So generally there aren’t any triggers like on a console controller?

Argh. guys. stop it. :-)

You get a wheel controller, which has:

  1. a wheel
  2. F1 racecar-style shifter paddles
  3. several buttons within thumb’s reach

You also get a pedal controller, which have:

  1. a brake pedal
  2. an throttle pedal

These two controllers, the pedal controller and the wheel controller, are usually sold as a set.

If you buy USB controllers, you can use them both with your PC and your Playstation2 console.

I guess I’m just wondering if a steering wheel is a worthwhile Xmas gift for a guy [color=indigo][1][/color] who is used to driving [color=indigo][2][/color] with a controller [color=indigo][3][/color]. Perhaps a steering wheel sounds like a cool idea, but everyone would prefer to just use a controller with triggers rather than a wheel with pedals.

[size=2][color=indigo][1] my dad
[2] Test Drive: Eve of Destruction
[3] Xbox[/color][/size]

I got a wheel! And I really like it.

Big thumbs up for the Logitech MOMO wheel. It comes with pedals, which are definitely worth using, but also with triggers like a console controller in case people would prefer to accelerate/brake with fingers.