Stellar 7 sequel?

Nope, but damn, the Digg headline made me do a double-take.

The original Stellar 7 on the Apple II is still one of my favorite games of all time.

Sierra actually published a relatively crappy sequel to Stellar 7 called Nova 9.

Stellar 7 was awesome. Many hours I spent on that game… hard to imagine what a modern sequel would be like.

To hell with a Stella 7 sequel, I want a Mechwarrior sequel.

Wow, totally forgot about Stellar 7, which I thought was amazing (but hard as hell) at the time. Thanks for the reminder.

Don’t forget the love for Arctic Fox as well.

Ah yes, who can forget the hours spent driving backwards and shooting.

Arctic Fox: One of my purest “is this really the game?” moments

Wow, Stellar 7 brings back some great memories. Loved that game. I played it in DOS and it seemed so very “REAL”.

I remember seeing the screen of “Game over - Gir Draxon wins” an awful lot.

You people who played the Sierra version didn’t play the real Stellar 7.

And ah yes, Arcticfox on the Amiga. Nothing like digging into the snow and popping off a few missiles for remote recon.

Stellar 7 and Arctic Fox were amazing games. And with a total polygon count of what, fifty? They don’t make them like they used to anymore!

I -loved- the VGA versions of Stellar 7 and Hard Nova. When EGA and VGA versions were sold separately!