Stellaris grand strategy space game by Paradox discussy thingy thready thingy

So Paradox is doing a spacey 4X style game!

Here’s the site -

Here’s the Trailer -

Here’s an RPS article -


Here’s the old thread if you need it -

Oh Brian, you never disappoint. ;) Woot!


I’d just read the RPS article and was hoping to see your excited thread here. It sounds like a great amalgamation of classic 4X and Paradox strategy games.

I really like what appears to be a stronger focus on exploration. That’s one of my favorite things about Distant Worlds.

That pitch on RPS is extremely compelling. I can’t think of anything less exciting to me than a space-strategy game, but they’ve somehow got me on board!

The RPS article presents a lot of great ideas. I’m not sure how enthusiastic I am about worker and building placement in a map that can have a thousand systems though.

Those of you with 12 or 13 year old sons may not want to play this game around them, as some of the aliens could put a pre-pubescent boy off sex for the rest of his life.


I don’t get it.

Look at the [ahem] nose.

This could be a great game. Science-fiction in space, instead of space opera. I want to create a supersmart superadvanced civilization that will be destroyed from inside to a cult for necromorphs.

Civilization is the worst game ever made, it centered civilization relations only about war. Is 2015 and we are still healing from that, hope this game change it.

…with the force of a thousand suns (to say some sci-fi related).

Boy, the RPS article really sells it. Now it sees much generic than the first screenshots.

Yeah, looks like squid.

Are you drunk?

I like you, Brian. You’re good people. Don’t let Qt3 change you.

I really hope this game can be half as good as it is in my imagination.

That RPS article really hyped me, good thing this is out next month, right?

Me either. Looks like a small descendant of Cthulhu wearing some space robes.

What’s the opposite of phallic? Perhaps I just have a dirty mind.

I usually have a dirty mind but with that alien I only thought “oh, another alien with tentacles for face”. I could swear I’ve seen that in other scifi games, and scifi cartoons.