Stellaris grand strategy space game by Paradox discussy thingy thready thingy


I’m in the same boat, but on holiday from tomorrow for 2 weeks. Going to skip a hour or two of possible play time tonight and sit on it until I’m back - I figure it’s a good chance to start after the 1-2 hot fixes!


The posters they released are pretty sweet -

(they’re over here)


It will. For my own games I recreated all the species from Ascendancy, which turn out to cover all the ethic bases just fine.



Players in Europe waiting for U.S. patch release times…


I got my pre-order code from the Paradox store a few hours ago! It isn’t available yet of course, but it’s cool to see it “in library” all the same.

Doesn’t it unlock at the same time for everyone globally, at 3pm CET?


Think so, if that’s 1 hour from now. Because that’s how long we have to go here!


Just got a 387Mb update, so giving it a try.


It’s out on Steam now. I loaded it and it says Cherryh 2.0 on the start menu.


I got to work at 5:30 AM. Gonna be a loooooooong day. :(


I hear you.


I may wait until the weekend. I fully expect there to be some huge bug that none of us can believe made it through QA that requires a hotfix. Seems like par for the course nowadays.


Huge bug? Singular? :)

I’m expecting a few whoppers, but I’m still planning on diving in after work. I’ll just consider it a throwaway game to experiment with the new additions.


Damn I love the soundtrack to this game.


Glad to see stellaris is finally out of early access…ergo I bought it during the sale…its ok to get in the water now


Yeah, it’s been many, many months since I played it last. I started a 2.0 game this morning.

I agree that the soundtrack is amazing. I was just thinking about that as I played. Also, they really nailed the early exploration phase of the game. It’s just so good.

So far, I’m kind of liking the 2.0 hyperlanes. It gives structure and focus to your expansion. I’ve been building chokepoint starbases in nearby systems to expand my borders and protect my home system. I picked Prosperity as my first Tradition because, why not.



Pah, if 2.0 counts as out of early access they’re hardly trying. Star Citizen is at 3.0 already, and they’re still years away from leaving early access!


Warframe is at version 22.X and they’re still in beta!


Quick question, can you remove a starbase after you’ve colonised a system?


Started a new game with 2.0 but not Apocalypse. Game immediately minimized when I hit Play. Thought it had crashed. I have no music no matter how I set the slider. I usually turn music off anyway but this time I wanted to hear it. Figures. :) I liked having a science ship explore the home system but it looks like it starts explored now. No big deal as there are plenty of other systems out there. Still just getting used to the interface but liking the game so far.