Stellaris grand strategy space game by Paradox discussy thingy thready thingy


You automatically build an outpost. I think you need to upgrade to starbase from within the build tab. Not sure whether it’s available at the start or requires tech though.


This is the case, yes. It’s part of the expansion, rather than the free update.


Yup, I saw that and edited my post just as you typed yours. Thanks. :)


I see what you’re doing here, and it made me LOL.


I was unaware there were mods! And Star Trek none the less! Oh man… my free time…


You are so screwed now! Tons and tons of mods out there. Time to retire early, @lordkosc.


If you want to save a few dollars on the Apocalypse expansion several sites (WinGameStore, MacGameStore, Game Billet, Fanatical, DLGamer) are all selling it for less than $17.


Did they not update the tutorial in the game?



Fanatical in particular gets an extra discount with code LUNAR8 ($15.63)


By now it’s a Paradox tradition! ;)


Poor tutorials. The cannon fodder of progress.


Actually Stellaris has a pretty good tutorial/guide. Don’t know if it was updated though.


Yes, it does look like the Tutorial was updated.


2.0 is good fun so far, although I feel the changes will become much more evident mid and late game, early game didn’t ever have many problems. I think I like the change of system borders, it definitely makes the early game feel slower yet more strategic.


I was looking at the achievements, and it is amazing that 74% of game owners haven’t even colonized a planet. I guess most people haven’t even played the game?


I’ve owned it for almost an entire year, and just played my first game this week. :)

Also achievements are only given out in Ironman mode, perhaps people just want more than 1 save.

Also there are probably a ton of Humble Monthly owners.


Or they use mods. I have a custom name list that invalidates achievements by itself for whatever reason.


I’ve played a couple hundred hours, but don’t play in Ironman, so thus no achievements… but i can assure you that i’ve colonized a few planets :)


No, it’s just that you only get achievements if you play Ironman.

Edit: I see it was already answered, oops!


Yeah, I forgot about that. Okay, makes more sense now. :)