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Consumer goods are also turned into amenities, research and unity by various professions. And it’s not like there’s one job for each purpose, e.g. Unity is produced by culture workers (they also produce social research), enforcers (they also fight crime) and I think administrators. Some professions also produce special resources, and you can use said resources for special edicts - I think most are available from the start.

The economy became much more complex and it brought an interesting change. Research is not god anymore. Usually in most 4X games you expand but you can only really exploit with research, you hit soft caps all the time otherwise. Here the most noticeable soft cap is administrative cap, but it’s very soft. You can grow your economy in a variety of way mobilizing the populace.

You also get a lot of tech that just improves specific jobs or space facilties not requiring you to upgrade anything. Meaningful choices without clicker stuff.


I was going to come here and ask for some tutorial videos recommendations. I will watch the two above later on.
I have not played this game since maybe 3 weeks after its first release. Is there anything out there to help me learn this game again? I bought the synthetic dawn pack and want to play as kill bots, but I am playing a normal game now so I can see the in-game tutorial, which so far isn’t that good.


That Quill18 tutorial is excellent. I feel like I can dive right in.


Overall I think this is true, but I did find myself microing a bit to shift workers between jobs to avoid deficits in certain things. I am also keeping a close eye on what’s happening on my planets because I am trying to learn the system.

Right now pop growth seems to be my limiting factor, even though I started with mechanist and that effectively boosts pop growth. Also energy is rather tight due to all the robots (sort of annoying that starting robots can’t work energy jobs).

I’m playing a democracy, but so far the game hasn’t recognised that I’ve been hitting the mandate targets. I’m also not sure I was getting one of the bonuses from egalitarian. So far I’ve encountered few bugs for a change of this complexity.

The market is very handy for evening out early resource imbalances (I tend to have a lot of excess food, again due to robots).


I did notice mandate completion rewards have moved to the end of the term rather than when you complete the task. No idea whether they’re working though, didn’t get that far.


In my first mandate, I hit the target mineral bonus partway through, but built an alloy forge just before the term ended, so lost it. The second mandate was food bonus and I was easily reaching that for most of the 10 years (had +35 and I only needed +15). But it said I failed. Third mandate seemed to fail as well, even though I built the required districts.


I got my first mandate, but didn’t get my second despite producing more than 15 food/month. Then, I had 2 Urban Districts built, but my leader died before the end of their term, and the game said I failed to meet the mandate. So, they do seem to be rather buggy.

Did you manually switch workers jobs, or just build buildings or districts? I didn’t know you could manually move workers around?


There are plus and minus buttons next to the detailed jobs breakdowns. So you can reduce available jobs in one type to force people into available jobs of a type you need more. Usually you can then open the jobs back up and people will stay in the jobs they were assigned. In my case I needed to do some of this to get my organic pops out of the mines since I needed technicians making energy more. Robots be hungry.

This helps shift worker strata between jobs and I guess specialists between jobs (though I haven’t tried it). IIRC it doesn’t work to shift specialists down to workers though since people would rather be unemployed for a while than take a demotion.


The game pace has most noticeably slowed down, mainly due to the fact that population growth is almost glacial compared to before. And you need population to grow in order to unlock more space for specialty building. Those unlock at every 5th pop.

But this is also forcing me to specialize my planets even further. It’s not every-world-is-the-same formula as before.


One thing that is bugging me more than before: so many of the interfaces are cramped or smaller than they need to be since some people are running at low resolution. I’d really like to be able to use a bit more screen real estate for the planet UI’s.


It’s also difficult at 4K, because it’s so damn small.


Does ‘interface scaling’ in the graphic options menu help with that? I set mine to 1.2 at 1080p which feels fairly comfortable (but i stream the game and want viewers with smaller screens to be able to read the text).


Like @Vormithrax mentioned, bump up the UI scaling. I use 1.2, but I’m not on 4k (I’m at 3440x1440). Bumping up to 1.4 scaling makes the UI nice and chunky.

I’d be totally down with larger window options for stuff, though. I have a lot of screen real estate now and I’d like to use it.


I’m still pretty confused - but I feel positive about everything. I feel much more like I’m managing an empire now, with the new focus on planets and trade.

Very pleased


I also think they increased the sublight speed on the default engines - my research and constructor ships no longer plod along


Thanks! I’m hoping I’ll be able to avoid such manipulations, but it will be nice to know that I can if I get desparate.

I think I might be suffering from scaling as well, and that is why I didn’t even notice those buttons, so thanks @Vormithrax as well. I’ll change my scaling next time I get to play.

Now, does anybody have an idea why I can’t save to the cloud?

I’m not too far in, but I think this has been the best version of Stellaris yet.


Me too! I’m having so much fun and feel like I’m making decisions and fine-tuning my economy. This is terrific, because a complaint leveled against Stellaris was that there just wasn’t much to do outside of expansion and now there is. The biggest plus though is making interesting decisions instead of the boring tile system, which was largely just busywork.

I also like other changes that are related to this. Ocean worlds can have massive amounts of Farming districts, by my race are desert dwellers and the habitability on them is terrible for me. But with the change to habitability making pops more expensive to maintain, it’s a choice to make. It also means that I’m relying heavily on robotic labor there, with my K’tek pops being roboticists building my Farmbots. That one planet is supplying the bulk of my entire empire’s food supplies but it was a but of investment to get it going due to the poor climate.


Yeah, exactly - it fills out the mind-numbing midgame quite a bit, changes how you think about building starbases and colonies, gives your fleets something to do… it is really nice


This is interesting. Is there a list of which climates favour which deposits?

I made my starting world an ocean and I noticed that I’ve got lots of potential agriculture districts. Which is not the best, since I also started with mechanist so I need more energy over food.


I haven’t seen anything specifically and to be honest I might be making an incorrect assumption based off of a limited sample size. Thus far though, Oceans seem to have a higher Agriculture bias than others like my farm world here: