Stellaris grand strategy space game by Paradox discussy thingy thready thingy


It’s got 3 of the 4, right? It has exploitation of resources, expansion to acquire resources, and extermination of your enemies of choice.

I feel like what @Janster was getting at is that it’s a full-fledged strategy game with a lot of depth, not “just” a wargame. Not that I’m trying to speak for him or anything.


Yep. Just add a procedural map with FOW and you’re there.


I thought I had heard HoI4 referred to as a “Strategy Wargame” before. [shrug]

And big thanks to @MisterMourning for those recommended start options. I felt my first few games were too easy and I’m hoping these will improve things.


If it seems a bit difficult at start it’s because the AI ramps military pretty aggressively early, but once you get a sense of the timing milestones you need to hit to avert war while maintaining optimal economic efficiency, it all becomes a bit rote (though still infinitely more interesting in the tile matching game).

Those settings should provide you with an extremely threatening end-game crisis. So much so that if it spawns on you through RNG, it is possible to fall hopelessly behind. But I kind of like the idea that I can lose, personally. Otherwise it’s just SimCity in space.


Last two games:
The earlier was on tiny galaxy, 1 fallen, 1 khan, difficulty I think commodore. Had the midgame crisis date set to 2275 and endgame to 2375. It was around 2300 when the Khan appeared and started his crusade. I was surrounding him completely. His every fleet were stronger than mine and sent 3 of them right away. Instant submission. The “normal” AI is just too stupid. When a Khan’s single fleet is stronger than everything together plus it’s strongest station, it still lets the Khan ravage it’s empire and reduce to a bunch of systems before submitting. And when the Khan was assassinated, I just took over everything slowly. Then I got to 2400 and no end game crisis anywhere, not even the fallen empire awakening. I know it’s just the earliest possible date, but 25 years late is a bit…
Latest game, small galaxy, 2 fallen, 1 khan, difficulty I think commodore. Midgame crisis set to 2275, endgame to 2350. Khan appears around 2300 again (late), but now it was some distance away so I had time to prepare. Destroyed the Khan led fleet. Then about 10 more fleets 1-2 at a time, then managed to catch the second Khan led fleet. Crisis over. He could capture only half of another empire and it was over. Fastforward to around 2375 and one of the fallen empires awakened. Some 10 years later a popup shows that the awakened fallen vassalized the non-awakened one. No war in heavens, no war declaration, nothing. I’m now somewhere between 2395 and 2400 and still nothing else.
Internal conflicts: The biggest conflict I can get into is having too many unemployed pops… Factions? Laughable. I never cared about the whims of the factions since Apocalypse, not even once. OK, not true, I tried to in the first game, then realized that it’s not worth it. Even on a freshly conquered planet where I’m actually eating up all the old pops, they are not generating enough instability to have an actual effect on me. The biggest so far was with the assimilator drones, where the freshly conquered pops need to be assimilated first and during that time they are regarded as unemployed.

After every expansion I feel the game is better than before. But looking at the current state I just can’t decide whether I got too good compared to the AI, or the game was so bad when it came out (and I very much enjoyed it at that time too).


I have a problem. My trade route is going through a system that has hostiles. I have googled this and there are two solutions I have found.

  1. Set the system to restricted. Everything I find on this says to go to the system and there is supposed to be some button near the system name that you can check or uncheck. I have no such button. On one side is the empire button, on the other is the go to galaxy map. If I click on the name itself, I just can rename the system. There is no option to restrict the system I can find.

  2. Go to a space station and change the trade route path. I have no idea how to do this. I can see trade routes from the trade route overlays, but I can’t change their path. Clicking on space stations does not reveal any kind of trade route management that I can see.

  1. It’s an image, it’s not very clear what it is, but it’s there.

  2. It’s not obvious either. With the trades visible, click a station (which should have a blue outline) and then left click another blue station (in range) - I was expecting a right-click. It may not allow you to path around your issue if it’s the shortest path to that station.


Is there a screenshot of this image somewhere? I have looked and I can’t see anything that looks out of place or might be a clickable. Perhaps I am in some mode that is hiding this button? I know after my re-install on a new computer it took me a while to figure out how to show all the sector resources in the galaxy map.


Ugh, I can’t do it right now, but I can try later. In the system view of foreign systems, on the left side of the bottom bar you have the claim button, then the faction button, and then the avoid button, all before the system name.


Hmm. I do not have any of those buttons except the faction one. Maybe its different because somehow I managed to claim the system by placing a space station in it, and then after the fact, a bunch of monsters spawned in the system. Do these buttons show up systems you own?


Yeah, I had to click on a system I didn’t own, I think the game design assumes that if you can keep a station there, you don’t need to make it avoidable.


I made the mistake of playing this game. Keep in mind I don’t actually play 4X games.

I played for a fairly long time, investing mostly in science and diplomacy before, as is ordained in all 4X’s, a super mega galaxy spanning intergalactic ultra unstoppable empire just comes along and destroys everything. No chance to survive. I already lost hours ago. There is nothing left to bury.

I sort of wish 4X games had a special “First Game” mode that is made shorter but teaches you everything and the AI is more passive/restricted in power until you decide to engage so I can figure out all the systems and prep for the real game.


They do! It’s called “playing on easy”!

But, yeah, I totally agree that it’s helpful to learn systems in a strategy game when the AI isn’t pushing back very hard. Your point about making such a game short is well taken, though. I tend to bail early on my easy learning games, so what mid- and end-game stuff am I not learning when that happens?



Yeah I was still learning the game. Started getting into a grove. Still going through Tutorials when the Game Over You Lose Empire came knocking. I had just finished learning about Sectors. I guess the Strategic Resource Tutorial that started while Earth was being orbital carpet bombed into a tomb world by over 5 thousands ships will have to wait.


The game is in a messy spot right now. It’s not easy figuring out what you should be doing with the resources (I still don’t know how workers are allocated/migrate) while the AI without a mod doesn’t know either. Crisis/Fallen Empires don’t follow the normal rules, so they (mostly) present the challenge they’re supposed to at the difficulty level… except 2 of the end crisis and bugged too and stop expanding without the same mod. All while the game has #TODOs in the AI files and lags a fair bit.

So, yeah, your game is typical at the moment. Use the mod, Luke.


You know, that’s a much better name than any of the gobbledygook Paradox uses ingame!



Those two buttons do not exist on my UI. Do they exist in systems you own?


Based on this I think this was the Khan. Yes this empire has special rules, among them the solution: open diplomacy with them, choose “I surrender” option. You get to keep everything, just need to pay some monthly tribute (around 10% energy, 20% mineral, 30% fleet capacity). That’s a cheap price compared to being wrecked :-).
As a beginner, you definitely did not need to know this, so not your fault exactly (but trying stuff around never hurts).


It also needs to be more clear that you can turn these special empires (fallen, marauders) off in the options at the start of the game.


Nope, maybe it should now, do a bug report :P