Stellaris grand strategy space game by Paradox discussy thingy thready thingy


Yeah, I had to click on a system I didn’t own, I think the game design assumes that if you can keep a station there, you don’t need to make it avoidable.


I made the mistake of playing this game. Keep in mind I don’t actually play 4X games.

I played for a fairly long time, investing mostly in science and diplomacy before, as is ordained in all 4X’s, a super mega galaxy spanning intergalactic ultra unstoppable empire just comes along and destroys everything. No chance to survive. I already lost hours ago. There is nothing left to bury.

I sort of wish 4X games had a special “First Game” mode that is made shorter but teaches you everything and the AI is more passive/restricted in power until you decide to engage so I can figure out all the systems and prep for the real game.


They do! It’s called “playing on easy”!

But, yeah, I totally agree that it’s helpful to learn systems in a strategy game when the AI isn’t pushing back very hard. Your point about making such a game short is well taken, though. I tend to bail early on my easy learning games, so what mid- and end-game stuff am I not learning when that happens?



Yeah I was still learning the game. Started getting into a grove. Still going through Tutorials when the Game Over You Lose Empire came knocking. I had just finished learning about Sectors. I guess the Strategic Resource Tutorial that started while Earth was being orbital carpet bombed into a tomb world by over 5 thousands ships will have to wait.


The game is in a messy spot right now. It’s not easy figuring out what you should be doing with the resources (I still don’t know how workers are allocated/migrate) while the AI without a mod doesn’t know either. Crisis/Fallen Empires don’t follow the normal rules, so they (mostly) present the challenge they’re supposed to at the difficulty level… except 2 of the end crisis and bugged too and stop expanding without the same mod. All while the game has #TODOs in the AI files and lags a fair bit.

So, yeah, your game is typical at the moment. Use the mod, Luke.


You know, that’s a much better name than any of the gobbledygook Paradox uses ingame!



Those two buttons do not exist on my UI. Do they exist in systems you own?


Based on this I think this was the Khan. Yes this empire has special rules, among them the solution: open diplomacy with them, choose “I surrender” option. You get to keep everything, just need to pay some monthly tribute (around 10% energy, 20% mineral, 30% fleet capacity). That’s a cheap price compared to being wrecked :-).
As a beginner, you definitely did not need to know this, so not your fault exactly (but trying stuff around never hurts).


It also needs to be more clear that you can turn these special empires (fallen, marauders) off in the options at the start of the game.


Nope, maybe it should now, do a bug report :P


Is there anything major in the system, like colonized planets or anything like that? If not, maybe you can abandon the system and block it that way as a workaround?


The actual issue was resolved a while ago by me building a large fleet and killing the aliens. I still was wanting to know how to do it. Perhaps the bug was that it let me build the starbase in the system with the aliens in it. Or maybe they somehow spawned after I owned it. It was a bunch of hive aliens that had like 8 bases in the system.


Ahhh! Yes, those spawn after you settle in a system and start mining the asteroids hives. Not a bug that it let you build there.


Next time Ill just have to abandon the system then.

Anyway, I do have another general question, but I am not sure how to ask it.
What, in general, do people do after they are established in the game? What is your agenda? I am kind of at a loss of what to do. I am not stuck, but after borders are established with other empires and I have mined / colonized the worlds I am interested in, there is a lot of time left in the game. What should I be doing?

My favorite race are kill bots, because I do not need to deal with trade, and I do not have to deal with diplomacy. Expanding too much seems to be a bad idea as far as teching up. I do not like this extra cost for simply owning more systems and worlds. As kill bots, I do have a plan, which is to murder all meat bags.

However, I have played more normal empires. Trade is fiddly and seems to be just some busy work. Its not interesting, but some mechanic to fiddle with.

Diplomacy doesn’t seem to be of much interest too. Either empires like you, or hate you. There is little you can do to make an empire who hates you like you. As long as you do not do anything stupid, empires who like you will continue to like you. Most diplomatic deals are ‘meh’ and some are a bad deal like research agreements since I am usually ahead on tech anyway.

It is in these games, where I have plenty of time, and have no idea what I am supposed to be doing. I am just managing pops, researching tech and watching the years roll by until something interesting happens.


As long as you build a decent number of labs on the new worlds, you should still come out ahead in research speed. Maybe you don’t want to manage that many worlds, but you could always take the worlds and abandon them once everyone is dead.


I do abandon many worlds as killbots, but I meant, what do you do for normal traditional races? Do you try and take over the galaxy as well? If so, then I do not see much difference between killbots and more conventional races.


I think for an aggressive normal race, you are taking over the worlds and keeping them, integrating and/or enslaving the existing pops rather than exterminating them (though I guess it depends on which flavor of aggressive normal empire you are).

For less aggressive empires, maybe they are trying to form a federation? Building megastructures?

I do think that there is a problem with the mid-game goals, since I’ve stopped a whole lot of games right around the point you described.


Yeah, it’s basically try to gear up for the endgame crisis. Which in a lot of cases, unfortunately, means clicking and watching numbers go up.


I’m kinda surprised you’re still trying to convince yourself to like the game. We each played our first game post the big update and both of us didn’t seem very fond of it. Why are you continuing to play? You’ve gotta have games you enjoy more.

I may try again after the next big update, but one game was enough for now. There wasn’t really anything in there to make me feel like I need to play this version of the game again.


You’re hitting on the issue that made me give up on the game: there is nothing to do after initial expansion. And even that is kinda dull.