Stellaris grand strategy space game by Paradox discussy thingy thready thingy

I agree all around. I expect they’ll probably aim to squeeze another 2 or more years out of Stellaris 1 before moving on. As CK3 and eventually EU5 make Stellaris 1 look lacking due to technical reasons, then you’ll get Stellaris 2.

Thanks for the info. Can some of that midgame lull be reduced by changing the late-game starting year in the settings?

I think I’ll stick with Stellaris for a little while longer. I like what I’ve seen of the economy, pops, and political factions so far. A Star Trek themed faction seems like fun. Following what @vinraith said, I’m going to bump up AI aggression, and create a small, crowded universe. Hopefully that’ll make things eventful.

I think so, yes. The mid game lull is partly due to the fact that the default settings are pretty easy which means the end game crisis often doesn’t happen for a long time. Moving up the crisis date adds a little more sense of urgency to the midgame, where you’re trying to build up and prepare for the crisis to hit.

It can also really vary depending on what RNG gives you for random opponents, if you don’t bother setting up particular races. A game with a bunch of xenophile space hippies is going to be way more calm than when your neighbors are Devouring Swarms, Determined Exterminators, and Fanatic Purifiers.

It would be nice if they let game setup determine the share of those AI personalities overall or per cluster.

Yeah, that would be really nice to have.

You can sort of approximate it by designing a bunch of races to your liking and forcing them to spawn. It’s a sort of labor-intensive approach, but designing a dozen races doesn’t take long compared to playing a game.

This part wasn’t really true until recently. At least on my computer.

Hah, true.

No arguing with that!

To me the pacing is a little off. In my game I’ve got 5 planets settled and a 6th on the way (seems like there are a lot less planets). I am over my fleet score by a good margin, but still don’t feel like I can attempt to take on my neighbors. I’m 60 years in. To be fair, I have not played too much after 2.0, 1600 hours total, so not a noob.

In contrast, in Eu4, I am usually at war in a year or less.

EU4 starts “in media res” while Stellaris has a typical space 4x start and is meant to transition to an EU4 state once things start to get filled in. To me at least, the process of exploration and initial colonization is interesting enough, especially with the archaeology, expanded events and new origins.

Generally I find it’s once the EU4 part starts that I start to lose interest. I have to admit though that my current game is pretty engaging so far. I think the changes have had a fairly positive reception on the Paradox forums as well.

Playing a bit more, I agree the penalty is real, but I don’t think it works for research. You can neutralise your research penalty and finish up the tech tree way, way too quickly.

I think I would reformulate sprawl to be something like excess sprawl (so base admin and straight admin bonuses would instead subtract from sprawl). Then I would make research (and possibly others) be scaled by the sprawl, without being able to counter it with bureaucrats. Instead, sprawl that ISN’T countered by bureacrats would do things like reduce stability, increase risk of rebellions, that sort of fun stuff.

I made a game where tech costs 4x as much, makes you think twice about where to go.

Wow…just wow, it already seems slow as F… with the base settings.

It’s very slow at the start, but if you keep your admin up, then as your research capacity expands, the cost doesn’t scale up (beyond the regular scaling for higher tier techs), so it gets faster and faster.

Yeah might be a good idea.

I find max research costs a good setting in nearly all 4X games.

That’s a common setting for me as well in Civ-like games. I like having research be something I have to think more over and dedicate more resources to rather than being guaranteed I get to the end of the tech tree 3/4 of the way through the game.

I also dislike when techs advance so quickly you barely use any single one.

Yes! What motivated me to play 4X games like that was the Civ series. I would get so annoyed when I would get a tech advantage but by the time I could get an army together and march over to the enemy’s city, my units would be obsolete!

I’m having this problem somewhat with AoW Planetfall. I didnt go into the advanced settings.