Stellaris grand strategy space game by Paradox discussy thingy thready thingy

It does, all the way to 1.0.3. You do have to get a code from the forum for really old versions, for GDPR reasons.
1.9 should be better than 1.8, BTW.

I’m not sure if this is what @AK_Icebear is referring to, but there is still a Dynamic Difficulty mod, updated for version 3.2 (the current live version) of Stellaris. Steam Workshop::Dynamic Difficulty - Ultimate Customization

There’s also a variant on that mod here: Steam Workshop::Dynamic Difficulty : More Modifiers

Me, I’m off to download the Star Trek mod and give it a spin!

It looks awesome but I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing at all.

Stellaris probably has the longest gap of any 4X game between “realizing you’ve won” and “the game acknowledging that you’ve won”. This is a problem with every 4X game but with Stellaris the amount of micromanagement you need to do skyrockets, the frequency of interesting decisions falls, and the literal speed of the game plunges.

I wish the crisis was triggered by some logic that keeps the board interesting instead of being (largely) chosen by the player before the game even starts.

Stellaris 2 needs an AI director.

I tried the Trek mod too. It looks great, and the Federation UI mod adds to the experience. But I found myself missing the default lore, not to mention starways, which are omitted from Trek. I’ll play more with the mod, but for now I’m back to my normal game. I’m only at 2265 in that game, and I still find it interesting, but I suppose that’s because I’m too newbish to outpace the AI.

Is the default story the same every game? Are there things I can do to enhance replayability?

I have heard that the AI is a lot better lately. At least it lasts longer before it falls into economic traps.

No, it goes back to 2.1.x or thereabouts. The pre-planet economy rework is gone. It used to be available to console players for a lot longer just because the console versions were so far behind.

This is on sale during the Lunar Sale at green man gaming. The standard edition is $8.20 and the Galaxy Edition is $10.25, both 79% off. Am I correct that the Galaxy Edition doesn’t offer anything but cosmetic stuff or is the AI improved over the standard edition?

Galaxy Edition is this:

All cosmetics.

Wait, there’s a Stellaris novel?

What do you mean by default story?

There are quite a few origins, and these can drastically effect the early game experience. Playing as a clone army or necrophages offer a fairly different playstyle than the standard Prosperous Unification start.

The first contact experience, and the random first contacts you run into (space amoeba, space whales, ancient drones, etc.) are all fixed and most have been around since 1.0. Of course, the other races you run into are random, but follow specific patterns. There are nice federation builders, xenophobic assholes, evangelizing zealots, killbots, etc. You’ll run into a different mix of these each game, and they can give a pretty different character to each game.

There is a lot of new mid-game content that was added with the expansions. Federations and diplomacy were improved, so you can try building one of those as an alternative to just killing everyone in the galaxy. Or you can become the crisis yourself, which is pretty fun to do at least once.

For replayability, I’d recommend creating a few factions of your own, rather than using the defaults. You can create some interesting thematic variations like these:

A Lithoid clone army created as the galaxy’s most fearsome shock troopers.

Virtually undying reanimator parasite necrophages, growing in number as they conquer and convert the unwilling to their cause.

A nefarious criminal syndicate that uses indentured servants as a workforce.

Etc., etc.

I decided to add UI Overhaul Dynamic + Tiny Outliner v2 to my Stellaris and it crashes the game every time in every condition. I guess I’ll go back to the UI Overhaul 1080p :(

Thanks for your reply. I meant the precursor artifacts I had to uncover. In my game, they related to a pandemic. I found it interesting. It sounds like there are different precursor storylines?

I do like the idea of creating a custom race. I’ll try that. Thanks for the examples!

I think I’ll bump up the difficulty for my next game. Maybe try one of those scaling difficulties. I’m steadily rising in the victory screen and I haven’t fired a shot. Then again, I did choose the UN of earth, with lots of diplomacy buffs.

If you agree with something other related to the GDPR that they aren’t updating old versions for, use beta password oldstellaris and older versions will appear.

There’s about 6, as far as I recall.

Scaling difficulty actually makes the game decidedly easier because the AI buffs start at 0% and gradually increase as the game goes on up to the maximum amount allowed for their difficulty.

Non-scaling they just get the full buffs the entire time. I’d say that scaling Grand Admiral is easier than non-scaling Commodore.

edit: Because the game is all about snowballing, having the buffs early is far more relevant than having them later.

Oh! In that case maybe I’ll just try Captain or Commodore. Thanks.

np, it’s actually a pretty unintuitive way to name the mechanic because the term scaling makes my brain think, ah it will get harder. And while it does, the name doesn’t imply to ME that it will make the game start at Novice difficulty (or whatever the lowest is)

Oh, wow, the real Stellaris is back again! I might actually find time to play it again now.

Wow, I’m having so much fun with this. Almost to 2300, upgrading my battleships, terraforming, learning exotic techs, tinkering with my economy, and playing on fast now that the expansion phase is over. I’m thinking it’s time for more DLC. I have Utopia but nothing else. Leviathan next?