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Based on the video they did last week talking about features they were unhappy with, I’d say the next dlc/patch is almost certainly warfare focused. The warfare rebalance will be the free part, probably some planet-glassing mega weapons and a new ship size or something as paid DLC. Just a somewhat educated guess.

Oh, and I bet FTL gets totally re-done as well, as it’s been mentioned numerous times as hugely problematic to the warfare balancing.


I’m assuming it’s warfare as well (and FTL is very much included in that), simply because it’s the most glaring flaw in the game right now, especially after Utopia (not that Utopia made warfare worse, it’s just that it enhanced a lot of the empire building side of the game).

Paradox games have never had great warfare (outside Hearts of Iron) so I’m not expecting anything deep and tactical or anything, but there needs to be some way to create terrain, force battles, or slow down enemy fleets. Something needs to be done regarding doom stacks as well, which are dealt with very well in their other games already, via stacking penalties and attrition.

A lite supply mechanic might not hurt here, where you fleets get slower or wear down the further they are from friendly space. It doesn’t have to be as in depth as Hearts of Iron, but a fleet operation range attribute might be nice.

I’m definitely interested in seeing what they come up with. Right now, Stellaris is a game I have quite a bit of fun with for a game here and there, but it’s not like EU4 where I can play it over and over and over. A warfare/FTL overhaul would probably be what puts it over the top for me, assuming it’s done well.


Stellaris for $12:


It would be much better if it included DLC. Still waiting for Utopia to drop in price before I go back. Seen it for $15, but $10 is still about as much more as I’ll put into it to see where it went…


Link? I didn’t see this.


Is that per hour? I could use the extra money, so at that rate, I might consider playing it.



I am pretty sure babysitters get more than that now. If you’re for hire at 12 an hour, I have a lot of weeds in my yard. I won’t even make you play Stellaris either.

<<<— still really loves the first 1-2 hours of discovery.



Three free portraits for the 1 year anniversary.

1.6 Banks patch notes:

Expansion Features


  • (UTOPIA) Added Devouring Swarm civic to the game for Hive Minds
  • (UTOPIA) It is now possible to find and repair ruined Megastructures in the galaxy




  • Possible to repair ruined Ringworlds with the Mega-Engineering technology
  • Reworked the empire diplomacy rooms into a set of 16 different rooms themed around AI personalities that can be freely chosen between when designing an empire
  • Replaced Growth Time modifier effect with Growth Speed and rebalanced related values
  • Added the ability to drain sector resource stockpiles, giving you 75% of their stockpiled resources at the cost of 100 influence. The cost is reduced to 25 influence during defensive wars
  • It is now possible to terraform inhabited planets if you have researched the new Ecological Adaptation tech
  • You can now set taxes for Energy Credits and Minerals on sectors separately
  • Ironman autosaving is now quarterly instead of monthly




  • Humans are now Adaptive, Nomadic and Wasteful instead of Quick Learners and Nomadic
  • The cost of species modification projects is now based on the difference between the traits at the start and end of modification, rather than on the sum of the trait cost
  • The Prethoryn Scourge crisis will now show up more often and the Unbidden less often
  • More than doubled the base strength of the Prethoryn Scourge invasion fleets
  • Doubled the base strength of the Extradimensional fleets, and their initial fleet has been more than quadrupled
  • The power of crisis fleets now scales to the size of the galaxy
  • The power of Fallen/Awakened empire fleets now scales somewhat to the size of the galaxy
  • Certain common anomalies will no longer spawn repeatedly
  • It is no longer possible to technologically enlighten Fanatic Xenophobe primitives
  • Choosing the religious awakening end of the Old Gods event chain now just shifts your empire’s ethics towards spiritualist rather than completely replacing them
  • Increased warp wind-down time
  • Charismatic and Repugnant now only impact opinion of other empires (+25/-25 respectively) rather than affecting happiness
  • Pops that are freed from slavery in a Caste System will now have some lingering unhappiness about being made slaves in the first place
  • Delicious Titans now gives +50% food (down from +100%)
  • Hive Minds can now choose to eat titanic life
  • World Shaper ascension perk now also unlocks the Atmospheric Manipulation technology
  • Master Builders ascension perk now increases megastructure build speed by +100%, but no longer provides a cost reduction
  • Terraforming-related technologies are now less rare, and even more likely to appear if you have the World Shaper ascension perk
  • Planetary Survey Corps now gives 1/10th of monthly research (min of 3) instead of 1/3rd
  • Reduced likelihood of enclaves and space monsters spawning within player borders at game start
  • Tuned Xeno Outreach agenda weights
  • All consumer goods are now paid for on the empire level, to make it more clear to the player what costs are incurred by living standards
  • ‘Megastructure Demands Rejected’ modifier set to 7200 days
  • Withdrawal effects of Chemical Bliss are now less severe and do not last as long
  • Extradimensionals now turn planets barren after destroying colonies
  • Sensor techs now increase planet sensor range instead of survey speed
  • Automated Survey Protocols now provides +50% ship survey speed (up from +15%)
  • Reduced distance at which Xenophobe Fallen Empires are angered by Frontier Outposts
  • Corporate Dominion civic no longer requires you to be Egalitarian
  • Leviathans will no longer occasionally spawn right next to empire starting systems
  • Spiritualist Fallen Empires are no longer upset by colonizing tomb worlds, as this caused issues with various event chains and was inconsistent when they would not be upset over terraforming them
  • Upgrading transport ships is now instant and has no cost
  • Ships caught in FTL magnets no longer warp in right on top of a station, but rather near it
  • Boosted the damage output, shield hit points and hull points of military stations and frontier outposts substantially
  • Increased the distance at which military stations have to be built from each other
  • Boosted the output of Science Nexus to +30/+60/+90
  • Habitat Solar Processors can no longer be built in a system with a at least half-completed Dyson Sphere
  • It is now possible for Fanatic Xenophobe Spiritualists to be Fanatic Purifiers
  • Strength of Legions Civic now also adds -20% army upkeep
  • Faction Issues have been remixed, with multiple new and re-tuned demands
  • Increased the effect of promoting an ethic to +100% attraction
  • Fallen Empires now spawn slightly further apart from other empires
  • Removed influence cost from Fleet Academy spaceport module
  • Guardians of Zanaam are now a bit more difficult to defeat
  • There is now a 30-day cooldown on insults, to prevent spamming of them in multiplayer
  • Homeworld habitability is now a +30% bonus instead of always being 100%
  • Colonial Centralization is now a tier 2 tech
  • No longer possible to trade away systems while at war
  • Galactic Administration and a number of technologies depending on it are now tier 3 techs
  • Pre-FTL civilizations can no longer achieve FTL in the first 25 years of the game
  • Share the Burden edict is no longer possible for synthetic empires
  • Removed weapons from Mining and Research stations
  • Adopting domination now gives +20 to acceptance on diplomatic subjugation actions
  • Properly completing the Enigmatic Fortress event chain now yields a random Enigmatic technology rather than all of them
  • Hive Minds now get a +25% Pop Growth Speed
  • Hive Minds now get +10% habitability
  • Each tradition group adopted now adds +10% to tradition adoption cost
  • Terraforming technology is now more common
  • Pops will now only voluntarily migrate away from planets that are heavily crowded
  • Fanatic Purifiers civic now increases Xenophobe attraction
  • Mechanist civic now increases materialist attraction
  • Inward Perfection civic effect on citizen happiness removed


  • Symbol of Unity building and related technology have been removed from the game
  • Artist Monument no longer affects happiness or unity as a modifier, but instead has its unity ouput increased from 3 to 10
  • Champion of the People trait effect on happiness reduced from +10% to +5%
  • Peace Festivals edict effect on happiness replaced with +30% food
  • Paradise Dome building effect on happiness reduced from +10% to +5%
  • Dragon Monument building effect on happiness replaced with 15 unity output
  • Dragon Shrine building effect on happiness replaced with 15 unity output
  • Stellarite Trophy building effect on happiness replaced with 15 unity output
  • Cultural Center habitat building effect on happiness reduced from +10% to +5%
  • Cultural Center habitat building unity output increased from 3 to 4
  • Loop Institute building effect on happiness reduced from +10% to +5%
  • Loop Institute building society output increased from 4 to 8
  • Omega Alignment building physics output increased from 8 to 10
  • Clinics now produce society research instead of food
  • Habitats are now a little better at mineral production, and a little worse at energy and science production (though still much better at the latter than the former)


There’s a few big changes there which I imagine will make things quite interesting. Looking forward to jumping back into this when I have some time. The new portraits are a nice free bonus too.


What would say are the most important changes?


Judging by the response, 1.6 was pretty buggy, so a hot fix is coming soon.


It was a pretty catastrophically buggy release. Gonna give it about a week for this to get fixed up and mods caught up and give it a go.


The hotfix beta is on Steam already.


Can someone recommend some good up to date strategy guides for this game? I only recently started playing and I can already see that this is the type of game where 200 hours in you discover some crucial detail that is key to an effective strategy.

  1. Never fight a land war in Asia.


.2. The only winning move is not to play.


3. Play Distant Worlds Universe, Sword of the Stars, Star Ruler 2, or Endless Space 2 instead.


Corollaries to the above:
3a. Only if you’ve been strictly sticking to your ADD medication schedule;
3b. Only if you want an RTS with a 4x background
3c. and 3d. LOL WUT

Stellaris is a fine game. Learning the crucial strategies is all part of the normal 4x learning curve, and, to be honest, a lot of the fun in any 4x game. Going in a new 4x with a list of strategies pretty much zaps all the fun out of them and turns them all into soulless min-maxing spreadsheet exercises.

IMHO, naturally.


Yeah, I think it would be a lot more fun to make mistakes and try to recover than understand too much of the game upfront.