Stellaris grand strategy space game by Paradox discussy thingy thready thingy


I agree, nostalgia is just such a bitter pill, move on will ya


There is room for both - remaking the all-time favorites with shiny new graphics and UI, but also studios that try out new ideas.


I think Firaxis, and Jake in a particular did the right thing with Xcom. Do a deep analysis into what made the game so good.and then re-imagine it a modern game.

I was deeply skeptical that having only 4 or even 6 squaddie would be enough to recreate the Xcom feel, but it is better game than the original. I haven’t even played the newest expansion but by all accounts is excellent.

It is fine that Stellaris is much different Moo, Sword of Stars was quite a bit different also.

But fundamentally, Stellaris utterly failed to inject personalities into the other races, and that couple with a brain dead AI and non-existent end game pretty much doomed the game.


How is a game that is constantly being played by 5000+ on steam alone a “doomed” game? Or am I misreading your comment here?

I kind enjoy the game myself, as a mindless diversion - but thats unfortunately all that is it. A diversion, relaxing, and probably a bit like comfort food. I’ll be buying the expansion though, just because Im sure it will give the game 10-20 hours more life for me.


Several months ago, I asked if after a patch and expansion Stellaris was now worth playing. The consensus, while it is had it good points (the early exploration is fun) no it wasn’t. I gave it another shot for a few hours and didn’t see a big change in the game play

Now to be fair Sword of Stars first came to my attention on a thread I started about patched games that were worth a second look. Which is mostly why I continue to follow Stellaris.

But at this point, I think Tom’s review of Stellaris is the final word. Sure some folks will play the game, and enjoy but, it is not a game that’s going to have a much-awaited sequel. So I guess that’s what I mean by doomed.


Thank you for explaining that. I understand popular things aren’t always good, but I guess the doomed comment was intriguing to me.

I also find the early game extremely fun, but due to how I play games, thats also where I will spend most of my time, so I guess thats why the game kinda cater to my playstyle, and thus, I find it fun to play.

As for much awaited sequel - well, hopefully, Paradox will have learned a lot of lessons from this their first foray into space strategy games, and improve it, so the game is fun all the way through!


A game is doomed when someone doesn’t like it, duh.



What is neumoo? Some sort of fan project?





I … uh, see. I guess.





Will they? They keep making the same bad decisions. Each game has more micromanagement busywork and hides it under an even more inaccessible UI. As long as there are so many people willing to put up with the flaws in their games, they don’t ever need to fix them.


It’s a flaw because you don’t like it? Maybe it’s just not your kind of game?


I feel like it is my kind of game and that’s why it’s so frustrating to see how it turned out. I want to love it, but it has a lot of issues that prevent me from enjoying it. The UI in particular could be improved without changing what kind of a game it is at all.


i feels for me like you want simpler games, if not, then my mistake. However just to be clear, 4x genre is cluttered with really simple games really, rare to see any dept, even the most vaunted distant worlds is actually a very simple game, it has almost no dept to it at all. Stellaris too is simpler than civ 6 which finally has some actual choices to make instead of the build all stuff…

Hoi 4 is actually a surprisingly fun nation builder, it’s way more complex than any 4x I know of, but…

Victoria 1 and 2 are solid choices, in space I think endless space 2 has some meat on it…


You mentioned Victoria 1, which I haven’t touched in dog’s years. Is it not obsoleted by Victoria 2? Is it like a MOO situation, where some folks feel MOO1 is still a great game because of its differences from MOO2?



I can’t imagine that’s true. Victoria 2 was mostly an evolution of 1, with the majority of the features making the jump. MOO1->MOO2 had far more fundamental changes that made them very different games.

For awhile Victoria 2 had some very annoying issues with iirc rebellions and migration that made me put the game down, but I have to imagine those got cleaned up. Guess I’ll have to install it and find out.


In terms of what’s what, Victoria 1 is the real deal, it’s a very complex simulator, it took me a while to grok it, Victoria 2 is way simpler, In some ways the magic was kinda lost since you could not manipulate populations like before, but hey, still a good game.


I’d never complain Stellaris is too complicated. If anything, the opposite.