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Synthetic Dawn DLC is out today.

1.8 patch notes:Čapek-synthetic-dawn-patch-notes.1043979/


I don’t think I’ll be able to resist trying out a machine empire. Hopefully the weapon balance changes are good.


I picked it up to. I can’t wait to play as murderous killbots.



So the AI can play the robot race as well yeah? You can meet them in-game if playing something else?


Yes, I think so.


Ill have to pick this up and play it again one day. After the initial launch, it felt very ‘meh’ and somewhat undirected. I hope that has changed a lot.


Murderous killbots are fun so far, especially since the 1.8.1 beta patch gives them an additional boost. My ships do +25% damage at -25% cost (and 33% extra fleet cap). Stack that with another cost reduction and I can field pretty mean fleets on the cheap. On the downside, everyone hates me from the start. Like they think I plan to drain their bodies to fuel my war machine or something. It’s unfair stereotyping, I tell you!

I still think the economy is a bit too labor-intensive, but sectors no longer lock you out of making changes, and the sector AI is a lot smarter these days. Plus you can form and remove sectors for free. So I suppose it’s only as much econ micro as want.


Love hearing your thoughts on the new DLC. I haven’t picked it up yet which is a rarity for PDS releases, but I’m just buried under a bunch of games that I’m actively playing at the moment. It’s a great “problem” to have.

I’m hoping that the 2nd major expansion is the one that overhauls the core war part of the game, both in terms of how they are fought as well as things like how fleet movement is handled, how defenses work, etc. It’s going to be an enormous amount of work since it touches so many parts of the game, but improving that is what is going to take Stellaris from Good to Great in my book.

Still, your description is making my wallet fidgety. Must resist! :)


From all reports, the weapon balance is a lot better now. I think wars can be more challenging because the AI is improved. Hopefully they tackle the operational stuff you mention soon.

On my personal scale, I think the improvements since launch have moved it from Meh to Good. Better weapon balance, smarter AI, a variety of ways to play and removal of some pain points is nice.

To fulfill it’s potential, I think it would need to fix operational warfare, get diplomacy closer to EU4 levels, and make internal factions actively dangerous. Oh and a pony. A homicidal robot pony.

Well, if it helps, the robots can be a bit clunky on the mechanics. Also, it might help to wait until they add more powerful robot improvements. Right now a machine empire can get a lot of trait points, but not enough slots to actually spend them all. I’m impressed with the rate of fixes though.


Killbots/SHODANs/Borgs are such a PITA in the early stages. Want to expand? Build robots, since you have no meat sacks to cyborgize. And that’s 100 rock + 1 power drain per bot.


The first game, I went for cheaper robots to try to counteract that. The second game, I went for mining bonuses (both robot and civic level). It’s painful at the start, but you can put robots out faster than organics can normally grow them, and the extra productivity of more pops starts to help. As a killbot, if you can take a target early (like an unciv), then that removes your energy problems for a while.


The teasers are really making the next expansion look like the one we’ve all been waiting for. Well, the one I’ve been waiting for anyway, but as a narcissist that’s all I care about anyway!

The various teasers seem to reveal a completely redone fortress/starpoint/defense system. And in order for that to work, they are going to need to change the way fleet movement and wars are conducted. I cannot wait for the first dev diary next week.


I wonder if I’ll be able to shift or ctrl click when building an army/ship so I don’t have to left click 40 times to build 40 corvettes :(

I got back into this recently after a loooong break complete with all DLC. A lot of improvements, but it feels like tinkering around the edges. I’m not sure if they see the same problems as I (or others here and on RPS seem to), or if they simply aren’t sure where to begin addressing them.


I wonder if the stack of doom problem can be resolved by simply applying fleet capacity elements to Admirals. For example, you might have a Empire Fleet Capacity of 100 but each Admiral can only command 20, forcing you to use 5 fleets. There will obviously be techs which will increase this over time and would involve a bit more micromanagement from the player, but it would make things more interesting IMHO.

Other than the transport/invasion mechanism (why can’t transport fleets appear as Military fleets, why can’t I retake a planet!!), any improvements to the stack of doom problem will help immensely.


That’s the most common “anti-doomstack” suggestion on the forum, but the consensus is that it won’t work because the optimal move will then be to have 5 fleets travelling together in one doom stack.

Personally I think they need to slow down FTL in order to make it harder for doomstacks to intercept smaller raiding fleets, and give the raiding fleets more to do by placing more economic infrastructure in orbit.

You can’t retake a planet? I swear I did that at some point.


Interesting. The larger the fleet, the slower the FTL giving significant bonus to smaller faster fleets.

You cannot bombard your own planets, so therefore any foreign army has all the defenses with them. You can retake planets, you just need a huge majority to do so.


Wow, seems like a rather silly rule.If anything, retaking a planet from occupation should be easier, since you can expect a lot of ground-side help.


Well, it’s one way to do it. But simply slowing down FTL across the board will also help because it allows a raiding fleet to perform a mission in a system and move on to the next system before a doomstack five systems over can get there.

Basically, to do damage, a raiding fleet has to approach from out of sensor range, fly into the system, destroy/capture an economically valuable target, get back out of the system and flee to FTL. If an intercepting fleet can travel halfway across the galaxy in that time, there’ not much reason to have more than one intercepting fleet. You might have multiple raider fleets but they will probably get wrecked before they do enough damage to be worthwhile (a function of how quickly they can be intercepted and how hard it is to economically cripple an opponent from space).


You’re spot on, Mike. Movement is a few orders of magnitude too fast. I don’t think they can just slow things down enough, because I think it would feel pretty bad. It needs to be paired with some other system changes, whether it’s with fleet caps, attrition, revamped fortresses, and “terrain” of some sort.

Thankfully, Wiz mentioned this as his major issue with the design when he first took over, it was just going to take a lot of design (re)work. so I’ve just been awaiting word that they’re going to tackle it, and the teasers are making it look like that might be happening next. You can’t have effective or interesting fortresses in the current system.