Stellaris grand strategy space game by Paradox discussy thingy thready thingy


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Sorry to take you guys away from your now too public fantasies, but about the game… Now that we know its this game, the hints previously posted now give us more info:

  • there are leader characters. perhaps just a single character for your emperor like eu4, but I’m hoping for generals, advisors, etc. as well with interpersonal relationships and plotting.
  • terrain matters. This could just mean the worker placement that rps was talking about, or maybe land battles too?
  • there are elections, which hopefully means factions and political parties as well to give you conflict within your empire (if you’re a democracy).


Did you read the RPS review? Tons of characters including science vessels that can go Event Horizon on you.
Possible Galactic Federation creation where a single race is elected to lead every few years and can control all the ships in the Federation, etc.


I did, perhaps I’m misremembering details but I don’t remember talk of specific characters beyond the president of federations and a scientist. That doesn’t really tell you much in my view. Eu4 had many characters too, kings and popes and explorers and generals, but there is a world of difference between that and ck2. I’m just wondering where stellaris will fit within the spectrum of those games.


Oh man, this looks incredible. On every level. I am incredibly pumped for this one!


Sci fi? Interested. Paradox? double interested, circled, and placed on wishlist. Paradox grand strategy in sci fi? Cue Fry mode.


I love the design approach. Most re-playable game since Calvinball.


ah man enhanced steam says 9 people are already playing this right now


Ok, so this looks and sounds fantastic! But this being the internet I’M GOING TO NITPICK (It’s my right!!!).

Why the hell did they include individual units showing off in combat? It feels it’s going to be at odds with the overall time scale of the game. (In the EU and CK games you could assume a 7-day battle was an abstraction of several minors engagements, but with individual ships being tracked here, it won’t be the case anymore).

Ok, going back to the deserved excitement: I think Paradox did one of the two sensible things they could do when tackling a Sci-f setting. One was taking an established franchise-setting and going all Paradox on it, treating the setting as history (I say an established one because I doubt any development team can muster a compelling new sci-fi setting to the detail needed for a EU4/CK2 type game). The other option was going procedural.

I am very excited for this.


Yeah there is a lot of stuff that I have to wonder how they can fit it in to a large-scale, real-time game. I’m assuming with things like worker and building placement that you pay attention to it at the beginning, then allow some kind of automation to take over. Though Star-Ruler 2 is also real-time has building placement and ships blazing away at each other. Maybe you just get used to it.


Reddit has some notes from the gamescom stream

A page from Victoria: internal strife. POPs (POPs are named as such!) will develop throughout the game. This creates factions that might change your government, spawn a new empire… you can talk to these factions, they might be elected to become president, etc.

POPs! Well, that is very exciting. Modelling internal strife is a great way to rein in the snowball effect in 4x. POPs are also a create basis for a detailed trade economy. Hopefully it’s not so complex it bogs down under its own weight.


Spacecraft blazing away at each other like ships of the line is kind of an expected thing with space 4x games. It may not fit the timescale, but the audience demands it.


Yeah, I guess I don’t understand why the visual inclusion of grand space battles is a thing to complain about. Gamers, sheesh.


Because this doesn’t seem to be a Total War style where the tactical battles are separate form the main strategic layer. Everything I’ve read (and I might be wrong) points to tactical battles happening on the strategic layers, and given the timescales involved in a space game, it means some of the missiles might take months, if not years, to hit the target.

If there’s a watch battle button that takes you out of the strategic layer, I have no complains.


Why would it take months? The tech is obviously there to move ships at FTL speeds, why wouldn’t the same tech apply to missiles? Besides, just think of it as a visual abstraction/representation of what’s going on, similar to how people on aircraft carriers pushed around plastic pieces on a board.

My final argument, however, is that it’s a fucking game, not a science project. Why force you to pull out of the strategic view to watch a battle? In a vast real-time grand strategy game, that’s a pretty good way of making sure it’s not really feasible to do without slowing the game down to a crawl. It’s eye candy and maybe some visual feedback so you can see how well/poorly your ships/tech are fairing. Maybe enemy missiles are battering the hell out of your fleets, which you can quickly see, so you know you should probably prioritize anti-missile research.


In EUIV and CKII they have giant people standing on the map that are taller than mountains and ships the size of islands.